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Author Topic: Seeking Allergy Sufferers  (Read 3497 times)


Offline Robert Wellesley

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Seeking Allergy Sufferers
« on: November 08, 2012, 05:45:19 PM »

My name is Robert Wellesley.  Having suffered from allergies my whole life, I've come to discover the role plastics, food additives, and process chemicals play in making my allergies worse.

As a result of my experiences, I wrote a publication on allergies and am seeking readers/reviewers willing to receive a free copy and post a review on Amazon.

Reading through the Terms of Service, I was unclear as to what constitutes a commercial service.  My book is an ebook forwarded voluntarily to others on a one by one basis at no cost, so strictly speaking this is not a business proposition but a way for me to merely receive feedback from other allergy sufferers while hopefully helping them as well.

Allergies are a growing epidemic, and I think more people are waking to the threat posed by all these chemicals -- I hope to be able to lead the charge in addressing this growing menace!

I can be contacted through the email in my profile or through my site maverick allergy.

Thank You,
Robert Wellesley

PS:  If this strictly needs to be posted in the Commercial Area, do let me know, and I apologize in advance.