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Specific Food Allergies > Soy Allergy

Advice for someone new to soy allergy

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admin rebekahc:
Posted: 11.05.2008 at 07:30:57

Soy is in everything. Daughter never seemed to react to soybean oil or soy lecithin, but I still didn't buy much to bring home that contained those things. If she needed an OTC med and there was no other option, then I would. I once bought gluten free ice cream cones with soy lecithin. I figured she was getting enough soybean oil from dining out.
Do be careful with things like shampoos and lotions. They can contain soy. Even the nail polish I was using had soy protein in it. I read all labels now.

IgG, me: Eggs, oysters. OAS: Almonds, pistachios

IgG, daughter: Wheat, spelt, peas, lentils, peanuts, almonds

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 11.06.2008 at 08:52:42

I do avoid all soy. Soy-derived vitamin E, soy lecithin, soybean oil.

If someone is truly avoiding all soy, it's much harder to avoid than just about any other food. The only thing worse is corn. (Or a spice allergy.)
DS (04/07)--eggs, mango, cashew, pistachio
DH--shellfish, mushrooms
Me--Sometimes it seems like everything.

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 11.06.2008 at 07:59:30

Have only been dealing with soy, again, for a short time. We do not avoid lecithin. He also tolerates soybean oil - but I will not give it to him in large amounts and avoid if there is any other option. There is soy flour in all ready-made white breads. Cannot do soups, sauces or a lot of boxed rice mixes (jambalaya, dirty rice, etc). Have to make from scratch a lot of these things.
I have not yet purchased a bread machine. But plan to do so shortly. He rarely eats bread now but I think that would change if I baked it.
Since we try to avoid soybean oil as much as possible, it has also cut down on "grab-eats" that he can eat. Chips choices are fewer. Also, cannot do Nutragrain bars but there is a suitable organic variety available - it just costs 50% more.
The thing that really helps is to start from scratch, using whole ingredients. For instance, tonight we had "red soup". Homemade vegetable beef soup with soup bones, onions, celery, garlic, potatoes, green beans & corn, Mrs. Dash, salt & pepper, tomato paste, and hot sauce. He ate several bowls.
Good Luck!!

Have a blessed day!

DS(18) Allergic to peanuts, cashews & soy and is a terrific trombone player
DD(25) Allergic to Bactrim, & iodine. DD(28) NKA

Louisiana, USA


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