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from the FAS-hyperboards thread:

Crock-Pot Recipes: Post your favorite tried and true recipes for all

Bumping this up since it is chilly out and we use the crock pot more. Any suggestions for dairy, egg and pn free concoctions?

Do you eat pork?  See crock pot kalua pork a little farther down in this topic.

I had attempted to use my crock pot to make a scalloped potato.  The taste was great, but the texture was all wrong.

The way I make it, is layers of potato, onion, ground beef or ham, salt & pepper, repeat, ending with a layer of potato.  Then I pour in milk.  In the crock pot in became like a potato soup.

I'm guessing next time I should use less milk.

I know a lot of people put flour in their scallopped potatoes, and my recipes does say to use it, but I find the flour becomes gooey and I don't like it that way.

Definitely use less liquid in crockpot recipes.  I prefer to use part broth (chicken/vegetable/beef--whatever works for the taste of the dish) with the milk.  I don't use meat in scalloped potatoes but if you do, be sure you cook it first so it doesn't give off liquid, too.  If you use meat and wish the dish to be thicker, coat the meat with flour (about 2 T. per lb. of meat) after cooking it before you toss it into the crockpot.  The result should not be gooey but a bit thicker sauce, especially if you use part broth.  HTH.  :)


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