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32 Year Old Soy, Peanut and Tree nut Allergy Survivor Armed With Website and Epi

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Hey everyone!!  :bye:

I'm a food allergy survivor with severe food allergies (anaphylaxis) to peanuts, soy, tree nuts and severe allergies to lentils, chickpeas and peas.

I also have severe dimethicone allergy, nickel allergy and environmental allergies to dust mite (feces), pollens, raagweed and mold. I also have heat urticaria and severe eczema, stomach problems and even anaphylactic shock from the foods I'm allergic to. Ive almost died probably about seven times in my life and barely avoided death probably hundreds by being extra careful.

I am really into natural foods and healing because I had to be, for all of my life; I had to keep my immune system up.

I started a blog and website in 2009 for people with severe peanut, soy or tree nut allergies. I hope you will all visit and get some use out of it. Its called Maya's Happy Place.  :grouphug:

I know there's not much for us older folk with these allergies, so I also created a Facebook page, Adults With Food-Allergies and Eczema which you will find on my main page. I am also adding a ton of recipes I find all over the internet to my Pinterest page so add me on there as well.  :heart: Lots of goodies for all of you!

I am so happy I found this message board so I can reach more of you! I can't wait to get to know all of you and know you are not alone!  :happydance:

Wow. I didn't realize I was so needy.  You can stop patting my head now.

Yeah, we all hope we help each other here. HERE. 

And if you would like to learn a lot more about disability law with regard to life threatening allergies, stick around. We've been near experts in this area for years.

I apologize, my intention was not to sell anything, it is to help people who go through what I do. I am sorry you feel my posts to be commercial in nature because if you read my blogs, you will see they're not, they're very personal.

And no, when people are diagnosed, they are not needy and I was never implying anyone reading this post to be. People just diagnosed need information with references to facts from doctors, which I provide on my blog page. With all due respect, the internet is a place to share information, not keep people once we get them and not let them go. With food allergies, knowledge saves lives.

Your message boards and forums are a wonderful support system and I would never take that away from you because that is not what I offer. What I do offer is my experiences and stories, as well as food recommendations that I'm not allergic to, that's all.

Once again, I am sorry your perception of me is commercialization.

So you're not sorry you violated our TOS you're just sorry about our (mis)perception of you? Wow.  :disappointed:

Our commercial rules apply to all who have products, services and businesses related to the allergy community.  Your site isn't a service? The information and support you claim to provide are services, FWIW.  Also, you are soliciting views of your site from our members.  That violates the TOS whether you perceive your site as "commercial" or not.  Plus, regardless of the commercial (or not) nature of your site, it's still link spamming (not to mention rude) to post your link all over our forum.


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