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Author Topic: List of Manufacturers: who do NOT label May Contain/Shared Facility  (Read 7168 times)


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Re: List of Manufacturers: who do NOT label May Contain/Shared Facility
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2013, 10:53:26 PM »
KRAFT / NABISCO  is still top of this list, yes?

Anyone care to comment on Kraft / Nabisco?

Is this where I blame iPhone and cuss like an old fighter pilot's wife?

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Kraft/Nabisco seems very inconsistent. I've seen some advisory labeling but I don't think the absence of it means something is necessarily made on dedicated lines.
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For those dealing with allergies other than peanuts and tree nuts, don't necessarily judge how good certain companies are at labeling as may contains, shared lines/facilities in regards to peanut and assume that the same is true of other allergens.  That has bit us on the butt from time to time.

And honestly, unless Whole Foods has changed their warnings from "Good manufacturing processes even though we are using the allergens you are concerned about", run screaming.  I don't buy their products anymore so something may have changed in three years but it seems like it comes up consistently on the wheat allergy boards about mystery reactions.
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