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Fruit Loops

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My daughter tried Fruit Loops for the first time today and ended up with hives on her face. She was protesting when my wife took her cereal away since she actually liked it. Damn you Fruit Loops! I have no idea if she's allergic to something in the Fruit Loops or if it has some sort of contamination....

Tough call, the most likely explanation given her allergen set and assuming it was the Fruit Loops, then a nut or peanut contamination. How is she doing?

And yeah, the mystery reactions suck.

I think,even without the allergies, fruit loops are a cereal to avoid!

I always tell my kids never to eat anything that looks like it has the potential to glow in the dark!

We have overlapping allergies and my son eats those just fine.  He only gets them about once or twice a year, though.  We have never had trouble with Kellogs cereals.  Hope you figure it out.

She's fine. I just hate not knowing what caused the hives. We'll just stay away from fruit loops for now.


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