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Fruit Loops

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Doe she have other things with red dye? 

My daughter has the same allergies and eats Fruit Loops without issue.  Could it be the dye?  What milk were you using?  Were you using Horizon?  They share lines with items that would not be safe.

I was thinking it might be the dye but she's had colored marshmellows and cake with food coloring. I don't know anything about dyes so I am assuming there are different kinds that make the same color? I have to look into it more.

I don't think it's the milk as she's been drinking it without issues. It was store brand milk bottled by Smith's Dairy.

It was branded Froot Loops, right? Not a store brand or anything? Toucan Sam?

depends on the colour and if its a natural dye. (which i suspect that fruit loops dont have , apart from uk ones that do, but thats another story) 

anyway natural pink or red dye is made from crushed beetles, and so contain a protein, and can be a problem for some.

that said, if on a particularly sensitive day for your child, eating something with such a long list of ingredients that are chemical in nature iyswim, might be a problem. My son after a reaction would react to other stuff like this for a while until it was removed and settled down after a period of time.

So my personal rule of thumb, if you dont understand the strange names on packet, and its list is more than a inch long, try to avoid.  The longer the list, the  more difficulty tracing cross contamination, think of the transportation to the food manufacter of each different thing on the label, think of the staff, think of many, many different lines that are shared , alongside each other etc etc etc.

food is vastly complicated these days. 


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