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We're headed to Disney next month, and so I submitted my special diets form this week.  I've had seven Disney chefs call or email me to discuss menu options and ingredients ahead of my visit.  One chef even offered to put a small pot of oil on so I could have fried falafel, free from cross contact with potatoes in their regular fryer.  I literally cried; fried food is normally forbidden for me.  Another chef emailed me the list of ingredient brands they use in a dish so I can research them ahead of time to feel more comfortable.  This is why we go to Disney - the chefs get it and want to make meals special and safe. 

Thatís awesome


More praise for Disney.  I submitted a special needs form since my PTSD is really messing me up lately with lights, sounds, and crowds, among other things.  They sent me many resources they have for various disabilities, told me where I can find quiet rooms to calm down, and even had a representative form runDisney call me to discuss the race events and both what to expect and what to do if things aren't going so well.  I was even forewarned the half marathon route goes past a fire station that often has the truck lights on - which is going to be an issue, but at least I know where and when to expect it, which is an advantage.  Hopefully it will be daylight by then so the lights won't be so irritating for me.

There's a reason why we vacation with Disney almost exclusively - and this is it.

Another successful Disney trip is in the books.  For two weeks, we ate safely everywhere we went and only had one poor experience (though eventually/ultimately a safe meal).  We found two new favourite chefs and a few more restaurants that will be on the 'must visit' list for next time.  One chef that was in touch with me before the trip wasn't working on the day we were at his restaurant and pre-made parts of my meal the day before, sent me an email update, and then followed up after our meal to make sure I had a great meal -- and I did.  That chef was truly amazing, the food was incredible, and Citricos is now my favourite Disney restaurant; and Chef Ben is my favourite chef.  (He was notable on our last visit as well.)

I learnt more about the allergy food prep this trip as well, and that the chef themselves make each allergy meal in a segregated area of the kitchen with dedicated utensils and tools to ensure no cross contact, and the area and all tools are sanitised between uses.  At least this was the case in at least three table service restaurants we went to.  We didn't visit any quick service locations because my allergy set is a bit of a nightmare when nearly everywhere serves potato fries that make my eyes itch just walking in the door.

Now, I have to email a chef to ask which brand of papadum they use so I can see if I can order it at home.  I was shown the box, so I know they were not house made from scratch. 

I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has! 


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