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Trying to convince DH to do four nights at Disney end of June.  He wants to do something different. Suggested a cruise...there is one 4 night Disney cruise that fits our timetable and is is over 7k.  4 nights at contemporary outer building with 2 day hoppers and dining plan is less than 5.  I want a vacation where I donít  have to cook.  Thatís Disney.  I dint want to spend 7-8 thousand.  He doesnít get it that other vacations are not vacations for me.  We havenít taken a vacation in over 2 years.  I really need something.  Last summer was rough with my dad in rehab and Iíll be living with my folks for 5 weeks while DD does her summer conservatory which will be very hard as my dadís declining health is so upsetting.  Itíd be nice to arrive there refreshed from some magic.

What about trying the other disney property in FL? 


--- Quote from: hezzier on March 27, 2019, 05:38:58 AM ---What about trying the other disney property in FL?

--- End quote ---
Very Beach is great, and there are potential baby turtle hatchlings in August.  The only catch is there is only one restaurant, which can get repetitive if you don't want to cook your own meals -- but it has Disney chefs! 

Had a great chat with space today about our options!  I think we may be leaning towards the parks in late June since DH forgot that we haven't seen Avatar and space reminded me that we haven't seen Toy Story Land.  Thinking I may want to save the cruise for one when we can go for more than 4 nights and have a bigger budget....Lots to discuss with DH tonight.  Thinking that if we go we may split our time with a few nights at a value or moderate and then 2 nights at a deluxe....decisions, always ant to stay at The Contemporary BUT Animal Kingdom looks so cool. 

The Contemporary is a really interesting resort, and it has a great pool with a big waterslide, too!  Plus, the monorail makes it easy to hop around to other hotels or parks. 

We enjoyed our stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge a few weeks ago:

The best part - you can visit ALL of the fun resorts and enjoy activities and views from each.  We only go to the Grand Floridian to eat, because they have some of my favourite chefs, but I'm not sure I'd ever want to stay there.


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