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Pixie Lizzie told me, and I have confirmed, that the Magic Kingdom has have removed the vanilla Dole Whip flavour (contained dairy), which created a cross-contact risk for dairy allergies with the pineapple flavour (no dairy).  Now, people with dairy allergy can enjoy pineapple Dole Whips in Magic Kingdom.  Hooray!  (I'm not sure about traces up the line from the manufacturer, however, but I've been told it's safe.  You may want to double check.)

I have learnt not to eat bread outside of home, and Disney is no different.  It's just too high risk of an item.  If there is a particular brand your kid(s) can eat you may want to check if they have it at any of the restaurants you are going to or bring some of your own form home.  Some places have Kinnikinnick doughnuts (my contain some allergens), others will have Udi's bread products (contain egg), and some will have Namaste mixes to make safe waffles or cakes for top-11 (and more).  Ask Pixie Lizzie for the list of who has what.  We'll be hunting down safe waffles for breakfast... (Our hotel only has Bob's Red Mill mix.)

Does anyone know if Disney still uses Namaste mix for their allergy waffles?  Last time we were there some places used Bob's Red Mill and we avoid that bc of tree nut allergies.  Have been looking into a trip in late August or the weekend after Labor Day but my kids will want those waffles....

Yes, some places still have Namaste.  Some are also using Golden Malted gluten-free mix, which is PN-TN free but may contain every other priority allergen including wheat (it is stupid, I know.). Actually, the regular Golden Malted waffles are May contain for everything but PN/TN Too.

Give special diets a call before you go to see which locations are most likely to have Namaste - or request it to be at the location you have a reservation.  1900 Park Fare has it, but I don't know where else at the moment.

Thanks space.  So, I guess the waffle irons are cross contaminated....very frustrating. 

No, in most places they have different waffle irons for each mix!  If you call ahead and request Namaste mix and a dedicated waffle maker it may just happen.  (And often does.)  The lower end restaurants have the Bob's mix, but the more upscal restaurants have more options.  Definitely call.


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