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Preferred Airlines??

Airlines and peanuts

Air Canada?

Air Canada

Airtran policy?

Alaskan Air

British Airways and Heathrow airport

Delta - new changes as of June 1st

United or Delta?

Iceland Air

Jet Blue


Flying Southwest Air- new to PA

Sun Country Airlines

UAL Warmed Nuts First Class

United vs. American Airlines

Ingredients of Mixed Nuts on United Airlines?

Need current info re: TRANSATLANTIC flight- Eastern US to Dublin/London


1st flight with a food allergy....

International Flights

San Francisco airport

Luggage for Air Travel

Can I post links in here?  If not, feel free to move to a new thread.


"Family Criticizes Airline Crew’s Response to In-flight Reaction"

--- Quote ---After Nikki’s epinephrine injection, Jennifer requested that a PA announcement be made asking fellow passengers to refrain from eating nuts as there was a passenger having a serious allergic reaction. The flight attendant she spoke to said that couldn’t be done, that it was against policy.
--- End quote ---

"Requiring Airlines to Institute a Bill of Rights for Food Allergic Children/Adult Passengers"

--- Quote ---I launched The No Nut Traveler. This is a website dedicated to all the people who have food allergies and wish to fly on commercial airlines. On our website you can share your experiences with airlines so we can build a database of support, write your legislator and file a complaint with the DOT (Department of Transportation). Please log on, take a look, and share your stories if applicable and forward to your family and friends. http://nonuttraveler.com
--- End quote ---

"Naperville Mom Releases Documentary, Urges Airlines to Change Food Allergy Policies"

--- Quote ---Amy Wicker of Naperville, who runs AllergySafeTravel, an online travel resource for people with food allergies, showed her film, More Than An Inconvenience
--- End quote ---

”Airlines Hear the Case for Allergy Accommodations"

--- Quote ---A senior representative of FARE, the food allergy organization, and an independent food allergy advocate had the unprecedented opportunity to make the case directly to the top U.S. airlines for clear guidelines for accommodating air travelers with food allergies.

--- End quote ---


"Reactions to peanut during air travel: can anaphylaxis be due to inhalation?"

Flying with Food Allergies - KFA Webinar


--- Quote ---The speakers are Dr. Matthew Greenhawt, a pediatric allergist, and attorney Laurel Francoeur.
--- End quote ---

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"Comparing Airlines"

Well, THAT makes for depressing reading.   :pout:


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