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"A Force of Nature for Safe Travel with Allergies"

--- Quote ---When a United Airlines flight crew said they wouldnít make an announcement to passengers that Lianne Mandelbaumís son, Joshua, would be flying on board with a peanut allergy, they didnít know who they were messing with. The angered mother found another way home and soon launched a petition on the website Care2 urging airlines to make accommodations for allergic travelers.
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One would need to alter the ADA itself to include DOT under its auspices. In addition, the validity of the contract of carriage would need to be completely reversed which would alter from the history of its recognition by courts. The contract of carriage is in effect by the act of purchasing a ticket.

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"British schoolboy with peanut allergy is barred from boarding American Airlines flight after his parents asked for a tannoy announcement telling passengers not to eat nuts"

--- Quote ---'A pilot even came out and said he had no problems making an announcement,' said Daniel's mother Judith. 'But the woman at the gate and the head office wouldn't have any of it.

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When will US airlines have to answer to the ADA??!!? This makes me so angry.

The last flight for AirTran was last week.  They were eaten up by Southwest.  So the one airline who seemed offended that I would ask for peanuts because someone might be allergic gets taken over by the one airline that thrives on peanuts.

(And yes, my comfort level is different than most on this site but that doesn't mean that I want to find out in the air that DS2 is aerosol/contact reactive, kwim?)



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