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help me find-: things with dairy baked IN them

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help me find-: things with dairy baked IN them

This information may be useful to those introducing BAKED MILK after a challenge.  Please DO NOT try such a challenge without a physician's guidance!!!

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 02.23.2010 at 09:51:57

Yep you read that right. We have been successfully adding baked dairy into D's diet per the allergist's recommendations.
We are stuck in a rut with cheeze-its. That's the top thing he will eat right now other than cakes/brownies that I make (and I don't bake much).
What are some things that have dairy cooked in them? It has been so long that I now have to go re-read packages FOR dairy.
He can't do anything with uncooked dairy, or dairy that hasn't been cooked for a long time. And powdered cheese is out (like doritos). Sometimes it is hit or miss- things that are cooked for just 17 min that I've baked don't work, but things that are cooked for 22min are ok. And we've found a few things that have dairy or dairy derivatives towards the end of the ingredient list that will work too.
Some hot dogs have dairy, right? That might be processed enough.

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 02.23.2010 at 10:20:16

Some lunch meats do, too. And some breads and crackers. How about making your own muffins etc. with milk?
I think I have missed the thread where you talked about this. How did you know to start doing baked milk?
DD, 15 - MA/EA/PA/env./eczema
DS, 12 - MA/EA/PA/env./asthma
DH - adult-onset asthma
me - env. allergies, exhaustion, & mental collapse

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 02.23.2010 at 10:22:48

You mean store bought/prepared, right?

Goldfish crackers, butter snap pretzels - we stick basically to the snack aisle for prepareds (we're still avoiding egg), but since you bake some - there are a lot more mixes available to you - corn bread, muffins.
How about using bread crumbs when you bake a main dish?

Good news - hope it continues to go well.

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 02.23.2010 at 11:22:20

Yes, I mean store bought with dairy in them. I didn't think about breadcrumbs- that might work. Not sure if it is enough dairy though. KWIM?
Ginger, I posted in Main back in the fall. Went down to Hopkins for a 2nd opinion about our "failed" egg challenge here in Philly (which was clearly a pass to anyone on the planet but our allergist). The allergist at Hopkins (Dr Schuberth) looked at everything (D's prior history of outgrowing, his rast #'s his total IgE #'s, etc). He agreed with me that the egg was a pass, and that there was a good shot at a baked dairy pass also.
So we booked an appt in his Lutherville, MD office for back in the fall to do the baked dairy challenge. I made a cake with a can of sweetened condensed milk in it. Schuberth calculated out the amount of protein from the milk in the section of cake that ds ate- it was equal to one or two cheese slices. I forget exactly?
Ds was totally fine with the baked dairy that day- no reaction. We've been doing this ever since.
What I need to find is things with dairy in them that don't LOOK like they have dairy in them. I want to try them at home with ds and then when they are a pass, I can start sending them in his lunches. We run out of time during the day to squeeze in the cheezeits sometimes.
The school would FLIP OUT if I tarted sending in cheeze-its because it would confuse the other students (we have a food list for snacktime that I don't want undermined by this since he still can't totally have dairy) so I'm looking for things that an average Joe wouldn't recognize as something with dairy in it.


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