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Author Topic: A History of Allergies  (Read 1323 times)


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A History of Allergies
« on: June 16, 2013, 09:56:05 AM »
Over the years I’ve had all kinds of tests for allergies and intolerances: 
   As a new born in 1942 with projectile vomiting + failure to thrive on cow’s milk formula - [it was not fashionable to breast feed at the time, so the doctor just gave Mom pills to dry her up and never even gave her a chance to try it] - I was shortly switched to fresh goat’s milk, which I could keep down a little better, and then started solids early.  Growing up I was sickly, under weight, lots of nasal allergies, rashes, even mild asthma at times, and lots of gastrointestinal issues.  As a young child I realized I had an aversion to sweets and deserts, preferring sour or salty foods.  We moved around a lot, so I didn’t have any real continuity in medical care during those years.  The word “allergy” was glossed-over, if mentioned at all.
   I had the first 4-6 hour “flat line” glucose tolerance test in college; and also was told for the first time, I was having an allergic reaction, when I thought it was strep throat.  In high school and college I was eating pretty much everything, except sweets of course.
   A few years later, between #1 and #2 babies [in the 70’s] I saw a gastroenterologist, an old-time country allergist [who was wonderful!!!], and also became a research subject/patient of the Clayton Biomedical Research Group at U of TX, who were doing lymphocyte testing.  The consensus was that I could not tolerate any of the factions of milk and should be 100% dairy free.  I have been diligent all these years reading labels, eliminating dairy from everything.  The allergist discovered some other food allergies/intolerances [wheat, some raw fruits, a few vegetable, and nasal allergies…the usual].  Meanwhile, Clayton said I was deficient in many vitamins and minerals; they started me on replacements. [I was a patient of theirs for over 20+ years and have continued taking handfuls of vits and minerals 2 x’s a day]  Also at that time, the OB/GYN sent me for another glucose tolerance test…again “flat line” results.    About 15 yrs later, I had the third “flat line” glucose tolerance test.
   My allergy symptoms to various things have been: nasal/seasonal, with mild asthma, rashes; gastrointestinal – oral contact allergy, nausea, episodic vomiting + diarrhea, dizziness – sometimes even a slight temperature, if it’s really bad.   [Been to the doctor so many times when I thought I had strep throat or flu, only to be told I was having an allergic reaction.]  Also been tested for: Inflammatory Bowel Disease [intestinal biopsies negative, DNA positive], Celiac [blood antigen, DNA, intestinal biopsies…all negative], Diabetes [always negative], and Hereditary Fructose Intolerance [DNA test negative for 4 main markers…but there are 30+ of them, so who knows?].
   I am allergic to: all dairy factions [lactose, casein, whey = gastrointestinal, skin, respiratory]; grains [wheat, rye, barley, oats = itching, mucosa membrane swelling, nasal + asthma, followed by joint aching]; sugars [fructose, sucrose, many of the artificial alcohol sugars = hypoglycemia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea]; kiwi, peaches, mangoes, cantaloupe, raw apples [oral + gastrointestinal]; sweet potatoes, peas…and anything that tastes sweet…yalk!!....also, latex + adhesives; penicillin, sulfa, neomycin, codeine, and aspirin sensitive.
Dairy free + gluten free diet, fructose intolerant; pollen + molds, latex, some medications

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Re: A History of Allergies
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2013, 09:21:43 PM »
Oh my, you have quite the list.  Welcome!!  It is amazing knowing what the problems are and how much better when you can avoid them!!!
Have a blessed day!
DS(22) Allergic to peanuts, cashews & soy.
DD(29) Allergic to Bactrim, & iodine. 
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