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Author Topic: New to all this.  (Read 1823 times)


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New to all this.
« on: June 22, 2013, 11:23:32 AM »
Hi,  :)

My name is Tasha, I am 18 years old, just finished college and since September I have developed food allergies.
I have anaphylaxis and oral allergy syndrome.
I am allergic to:
Walnuts   Apples   Peas    Coriander Almonds   Apricots   Celery   Fennel  Cherries   Parsnips   Parsley   Kiwi   Peppers   Soy   Nectarines   Courgette   Chamomile   Lychee fruit   Cucumber    Echinacea    Nectarines   Tomatoes    Sunflower seeds   Pears      Cumin   Plums      Aniseed
   Prunes      Paprika   Persimmon   Latex   Bananas      Adhesive    Melon    Oranges       Peas   Celery   Parsnips   Peppers   Courgette   Cucumber   Raw Tomatoes.

I have been in hospital 4 times in less than a month. I suffer from airborne anaphylaxis to apples and this has been the trigger 3/4 visits- so I haven't actually touched or eaten the allergen. It's so frustrating!  :rant:

My last reaction was on the 19th June and it was by far the worst reaction I have EVER had! I was on the resuscitation ward and I though I was a gonner. My face swelled up so much I couldn't see, i couldn't talk, breath properly and I was exhausted from fighting it.

I get so nervous around food, even just the smell, and then im unsure if it's the beginning of anaphylaxis or a panic attack- and I can't eat home alone or anything now- too risky.

I really hope by coming on here there are other people like me, who can help lead me into the light, I seem to be lost in the dark right now.

Much love,

Tasha xx

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Re: New to all this.
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2013, 06:15:36 PM »
Hi Tasha,

Welcome to FAS!

That's a really long list of allergens.  Has an allergist confirmed all of those allergies?  Having a great allergist is important in so many ways - ex: getting a correct diagnosis, getting educated as to when/how to respond to reactions, and getting help adjusting to living with food allergies.

Have you been prescribed epinephrine and do you have a "food allergy action plan"?

That sound like such a scary reaction  :grouphug:.  Anxiety can be a very real issue for those with food allergies ... it might not be a bad idea to seek out some counseling to help you with all that you are going through.
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Re: New to all this.
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2013, 04:30:11 AM »
Hi Tasha - welcome!!

That is quite a list!!  A lot to manage - must seem overwhelming :(

Reminds me of people's comment "what can he eat?" When DS was younger.   A strategy would be to focus on what you can eat!!

One day at a time, one meal at a time, one bite at a time.... Sending hugs :grouphug:
Have a blessed day!
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DD(29) Allergic to Bactrim, & iodine. 
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Re: New to all this.
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2013, 08:44:51 PM »
Welcome!  It would be very, very unusual to have such a severe reaction to smelling apples.  Protein has to get into your body somehow to cause a reaction.  An apple at room temperature is not giving off protein so none should have been able to get into you.  I'm wondering if perhaps you actually have some other allergy such as a latex allergy or some other food.  Had you eaten anything in the 2 hour window before your reactions?  If so, what?  Are you sure you are not allergic to latex?

Testing has a very high false positive rate so if you have not seen 100% for sure reactions to all the things on your list then you may have a bunch of false positives. 

Oh, I see you do have latex listed.  I would be thinking latex due to the airborne nature of your reaction. 

People can develop a food allergy at any age but it would be super unusual to the point of being about zero chance to suddenly develop a long list of allergens.  Do you have a good allergist working with you?