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Fish Allergy & Gelatin/Marshmallows

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We've just learned (confirmed by allergist) that my 7 yo son is allergic (anaphylaxis) to fish.  Since then, I've been doing a lot of research on hidden sources of fish that we should look out for.  One that I haven't had a lot of luck getting to the bottom of is gelatin and, by extension, marshmallows.  I've read that gelatin CAN be made with fish bones/skin... and that kosher gelatin WOULD be made this way.  But, what about non-kosher gelatin (and products containing gelatin)?  Is it typically made with fish?  What about candy, marshmallows, or even Jell-O with gelatin?  Anyone have a reaction to these?  Do you ALWAYS avoid them?  Or, do you consider the risk to be insignificant?

Obviously, if they are going to present a real danger to him, we would ensure that he never eats products containing gelatin.  That said, prior to his diagnosis and AFTER his first allergic reaction, he continued to eat marshmallows (the boy loves homemade rice crispy squares) without issue.

Just wondering how those of you with fish allergies approach gelatin?  Anyone have an experience reacting to gelatin or products containing gelatin?


I don't have any real advice one way or the other, though it is likely that fish-sourced gelatin is unusual aside from the kosher items... which aren't necessarily fish, (at least in my understanding)-- they just cannot be pork-based, and much of the mainstream gelatin production is beef/pork and therefore not suitable for kosher food products.

Isinglass is another term to add to your lexicon; that one is always fish.

Thank you for the isinglass tip!  That is one I didn't have on the list.  Much appreciated.

I don't know whether gelatin is safe for fish allergies, but I'm vegetarian and avoid gelatin, so I can share that there are many products that'll help you avoid gelatin in products where it commonly exists.  Dandies and Sweet & Sara marshmallows do not have gelatin. 

Look out for gelatin in gummy candies, some brands of Jello, and some brands fruit gummies.

Yogurt can contain gelatin.


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