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Author Topic: Anything I eat my throat starts swelling  (Read 22113 times)


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Re: Anything I eat my throat starts swelling
« Reply #15 on: July 18, 2013, 03:28:16 PM »
Proxy connections are one of the things I look for when evaluating whether a suspect poster is legit.  FWIW, his IP is a static IP with no proxy detected and the same IP for all posts.  However, the disparity between what was said, syntax, etc. and supposed location was in and of itself a red flag.
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Re: Anything I eat my throat starts swelling
« Reply #16 on: July 19, 2013, 07:02:47 PM »
If you are eating something that is making your throat swell then you have IgE mediated food allergies (or one allergy, more likely) and it is essential for you to go to a good allergist who knows food allergies well (as not all allergists know food allergies, some only specialize in asthma and environmental allergies) and figure out which of the foods you have been eating is causing this.  You also should get epi pens and use them when your throat swells.  Epinepherine is the only drug that can stop a reaction that is going to progress from progressing and once throat swelling starts there is no way to tell if it will stop on its own.  Most anaphylaxis self-resolves but not all does and that is why epinepehrine is so very important.

You should also have a written emergency plan that tells you went to use the epinepherine.

I understand you like this new way of eating and it could be very true that this is a much healthier way to eat than the way you used to eat and the way many others eat.  However, if one of the things you are eating is an allergen then you must avoid that food and eat something else in its place. 

In the past few years in addition to ordinary IgE mediated food allergies, people who have had a certain type of tick bite have sometimes become anaphylactic to cow's beef and maybe some other things--perhaps to pork.  These people have anaphylaxis from eating beef but it can be a bit different than ordinary IgE mediated food allergies because it can have a delayed start to the reaction.  Ordinary IgE mediated food allergy reactions start within 2 hours of the time the person ingests the food and almost always within minutes to up to 30 or 45 min of ingestion. 

I would look at what you are eating now and my biggest suspects for the allergen would be things you added new to your diet or had not eaten for a while before you changed your diet. 

Good luck figuring this out.

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Re: Anything I eat my throat starts swelling
« Reply #17 on: July 19, 2013, 08:06:27 PM »
Lakeswimr is referring to alpha-Gal IgE-mediated sensitization, brought on by a tick bite.  It makes the individual suddenly allergic to all mammalian meat.

There are relatively few specialists that are experts in alpha-Gal allergy-- mostly in the southeastern US, because of the apparent spread of the syndrome/allergy/phenomena.

We have a few threads about alpha-Gal allergy.
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