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Threads we don't want to lose track of

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If there are any threads you don't want to forget about or lose track of, feel free to put links to them here.


Drugs which are incompatible with allergy meds-- or RESCUE MEDS

Desensitization Programs in the US -- OIT SLIT SCIT


Standard Protocol for "Asthma Action Plans"

Risk Literacy

thanks Links-- I'm going to sticky this.

"Anaphylaxis knowledge among paramedics: results of a national survey."
A reason why you should NOT rely on first responders for EPI

Study re: pre-hospital use of Epi in anaphylaxis cases

Management of anaphylaxis in emergency departments

Pediatricians and FA/Asthma

Bendaryl vs. Epi ... help!

Most patients misused epinephrine autoinjectors, metered-dose inhalers

Epinephrine injected incorrectly in hospital

Laws allowing public businesses to admin epi for FA

Management options for accidental injection of epinephrine from an autoinjector:


Epinephrine cases / carrying tips - Clearinghouse thread

Antihistamines - Clearinghouse Thread

OAS clearinghouse thread

Allergy law clearinghouse thread

Antibiotic allergies - clearinghouse thread

Biphasic reactions: Clearinghouse thread

Wackadoo Woo clearinghouse thread


Oral Food Challenges - Links & General Info

You’ve done the right thing by coming here today

Let's talk about anxiety

General patient and/or doc info & issues

If you were an allergy researcher ...

Social Media

Communication and/or negotiation skills


What Epipen looks like when it's gone bad

General asthma info & links


Food Allergen Labeling

FARE launches new dining resources

Food industry topics and/or perspective



Dealing with non-medical factors that impact health

"We know we should do ____, but instead we do ____"


504 index - 504 Plan Basics

A fun thread - Songs and/or comedy

Summer Camps (FA-specific, FA-friendly, tips, etc.)

Medic Alert -various threads



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