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Vermont Nut Free Chocolate

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They just announced they will be adding 3 new items:
Pumpkin Fudge
Advent Calendars
Hot Cocoa

It would be awesome if their Hot Cocoa does not contain coconut!!!!

This statement was from the comments section on FB about the new products (written by VNF Choc):

The Hot Cocoa Mix does not have any coconut oil or any other oils for that matter. Sugar, Cocoa and Vanilla are the ingredients.

A little OT from original post, but I have te best recipe for hot chocolate.  Heat a cup of milk (or substite if milk allergic, but I cannot speak for how good that version would be).  Add a small handful of chocolate chips (I use guittard, the better quality chips, the better the hot chocolate).   Blend together with a handheld milk frother. OMG!  It is so good.  In fact, I think I will go make myself one right now.

that sounds good. My hubby  has big hands-I'll use his for the "small handful".


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