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Teen Traveling with School: Hotel Concerns and Meals Away

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DS will soon be going on a school trip over a long weekend.  He will be staying in a hotel suite with 7 other boys, and they will have a kitchen.

I will meet with his coach next week to plan for this. The airline is fine--I just need to worry about stuff once they're there.  What I need help with is figuring out accommodations in his accommodations (ha) and how to prepare him to pack for lunches.

About the accommodations, he and DH and I would like them to be blatantly PF.  I'm honestly not quite sure how to make this happen without DS catching some flack for it.  There is no way to do this confidentially.  Many of his teammates are already aware of his PA I believe.  Breakfast is provided at the hotel.  This is usually fine for DS.  I don't worry about that.  I do worry about granola bars and trail mix. So I've got to figure out a way to make sure the room is PF. 

DS will have to prepare his own lunch every morning, while the other kids' meals are taken care of (meals are included in the cost, but DS' will need to take his own lunch).  So he needs the area to be a safe one to prepare meals.  If you have any ideas about this, I'm open.  I have a good relationship with the coach.  I told her this weekend about DS' reactions at school by accidental ingestion. 

I need some food ideas. He will at least need three lunches, but he might need to plan on having something on hand for a dinner or two, too.

I think they'll have the chance to shop a little bit, but he's said he wants to take food with him--tortillas and Nutella.  I see there is a grocery store 1 mile away.   He could get some canned, nukable soup for a dinner option, but he's not going to want to take that with him.

But for lunches.  Hmmm.  Last year when he was gone overnight for a trip, I packed him a lunch for that day and for the next day: a tomato soup in a can, some almonds, crackers and I don't remember what else.  At least he'll have a fridge and so doesn't have to take shelf-stable food. But I can imagine he'll want to have food he can prepare quickly in the morning. His speech lunch box looks like a small black brief case. It's about the size of a piece of paper and 3.5 inches thick. 

So, here's what I've got so far (and I don't know of any other allergies in the suite):

To take in a checked bag:
-Nutella (and I'll have him leave it there) But Nutella on a suit is problematic.  Not sure how I feel about it.
-plastic spoons, forks and knives
-a box of zip lock sandwich bags (probably not snack bags--I'll keep it simple)
-Wet Ones packets
-Clorox wipes travel size--2 or three

To buy:
-veggie cream cheese

What can you all think of?  He is a vegetarian but has a very broad palate. 

I'm just at a loss.

They make portable everything now. Maybe some easy mac or the single-serve spagettios? I think they even have single-serve mashed potato cups now where you just add water.

And cereal cups, then he just has to find milk.

I don't know if he'll have access to a microwave at lunch.  I should have clarified that.  In fact, I doubt he will.  He needs to take his lunch.  Breakfast at the hotel should be fine. And he'll need to have a few standby dinners--just in case.

Just wanted to clarify before too long about the lunch situation.  I assume he'll be able to buy his drink at lunch where he is, but he'll need to take the rest. 

He's not sesame allergic, right?

Hummus singles.  DD uses Sabra singles-- they can be had at most delis.  That and a handful of pretzel thins, a can of mandarin oranges with a pop top, and a fork...

= vegetarian lunch.

This is actually a lunch that DD took a fair amount this summer.  Add some pea pods or carrot sticks and it will keep without refridgeration until lunchtime and be nutritionally VERY complete.

String cheese or Babybel can be used to up protein and fat content. 

Edamame?  Almonds?


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