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Teen Traveling with School: Hotel Concerns and Meals Away

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Another trip-tip that we use a fair amount.

Taco Bell.

Black bean burritos and seven-layers are both vegetarian and should be safe.  The former keeps VERY well as a lunch food, even for a couple of days in the fridge, in a pinch.

We've done this for events where DD needed a lunch that was unfussy and low key, and where she'd be wearing dress clothes.

Ah, so if he runs into a Taco Bell there, that could be an option. I'll check around his hotel. Or he could buy/take a pull top can. I wonder if progresso makes veggie black beans. Amy's doesn't have a pull tab.

Of course, there are side effects of beans ...,

My first thought was to minimize kitchen contamination by bringing already assembled things that can go from his suitcase to the fridge to grab out as needed - cream cheese/veggie tortilla roll-ups; serving portions of baby carrots, fruit, etc; pre-made sandwiches (could even be frozen and then defrost in the fridge); etc.  Send some paper towels for him to use between his food and the prep surface.

Tagging on to CM's hummus idea... at Sam's I've gotten the Sabra singles packaged in a little pod with pretzel chips.  Sam's also sells boxes of just the singles.  Oh and singles of Wholly Guacamole - they come in both a ketchup type packet and now dipping cups.

Okay-- so in Europe, our "meal" plan for most lunches?

Energy bars.  DD ate sunbutter Enjoy Life bars (a couple of them, along with dehydrated fruit, or soybeans from Simply Tomatoes) and I ate Odwalla bars (non nutty varieties, obviously).

This worked great, honestly.  DD preferred it to carrying an actual lunch-lunch.  Short-term, I thought it was a pretty good solution.

We're packing for vacation right now and have to consider lunches for travelling and when were're there.  We're vegan and PN/TN-free.  Tortillas with hummus and fresh veggies are great if you're travelling domestic and don't have to worry about border crossing rules.  They can be premade and last a couple days in the fridge.  Burritos work really well too if you can freeze them so they don't go soggy.  LibreNaturals or Enjoy Life granola bars, SunRype fruit bars, and fresh fruit for snacks.  Instant oatmeal cups with extra toppings such as raisins or chocolate chips make up most of our quick to-go vacation meals, mostly because they're easy to bring and you can get hot water just about everywhere.  Make some muffins and pack them in a bag with a spoon - another one of our favourite easy vacation meals.  Sandwiches are always an option too, but he'd need a placemat to roll out on the counter to prevent cross contamination whilst making them - we try to avoid this on vacations... I'm paranoid about cross contamination outside my own kitchen.


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