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Teen Traveling with School: Hotel Concerns and Meals Away

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--- Quote from: Macabre on January 18, 2018, 06:45:30 AM ---“Clean grill” my foot.  I laugh when restaurants tell me that.

That sounds like a great plan, MaryM.

--- End quote ---

Right?  I need to call the dinner cruise company and ask some questions and the school nurse for her advice - she is really great.

DS had a great time!  Tomorrow he goes off on the band competition trip to Hershey for the day.  I have the menu and it looks safe with the exception of the Mac and cheese - the macaroni has egg. 

Bumping for myself.

Just bought some That’s It bars. They are made in a Top 8 free facility. Also: Kashi chocolate Chip and Chia bars. We haven’t bought them in a year. I am hoping they are still safe.

Never heard of That’s It. Off to google.


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