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Anyone experience back pain from Allergic reaction?

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I have had a soy allergy for the last two years and as you know its challenging to eat anything that doesnt have soy in it. Lately i have been having back pain in the area where my kidney are. I went to the urologist to get checked out thinking it was kidney stones or something related. Everything came back clear and i was told it is not my kidneys.

I have been having this constant soreness in my lower flanks. Just curious if anyone else has experience with this

Any input would be helpful!



I've never heard of that as a symptom of allergies.  I'm no doctor though.

CONSTANT pain, no.

This kind of flank pain also sounds too high up to be the uterine smooth muscle, which would be typical of cramping during a major allergic reaction.

Just curious-- how were you diagnosed with your soy allergy?  What happens when you eat soy?

My allergies are complicated, i started having chest discomfort and arm pressure which started my medical journey. After ruling out heart conditions, i went to the GI dr thinking it was related to reflux. Upper Gi showed i have Eosoniphilic Esophagitis, which is triggered often by food allergies. Went to the allergist and did a panel test which showed im very allergic to soy, hops, cherries, and nuts. When i avoid these foods i feel a lot better.

Just cant explain the back pain, maybe its caffeine thats bothering me? Food allergies are very frustrating and soy is the worst. I eat alot of organic food which helps avoid soy.

Thanks for the replies


Lou-- caffeine might really be the culprit.  I'm trying to recall where I read it, and it was MANY years ago, but caffeine (or maybe it was coffee??) was implicated in a particular type of kidney stone at one point in time, I think.

Allergy-- even EE, which is notorious for producing PAIN as a major symptom-- would be a really unusual explanation for this one, I tihnk.



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