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Epinephrine devices

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Auvi-Q or Epi

Adrenaclick is back

Nasal Epinephrine Study

request for new  epi pens

needle length epi pen study.

Epipen or Jr

Epi Pens for infants

Epipen vs AuviQ vs Twinject

"Do epinephrine auto-injectors have an unsuitable needle length for young children?"

--- Quote ---Based on this study, there are a significant number of children under 15kg at risk of receiving an epinephrine auto-injector into the bone. Because of this risk, epinephrine auto-injectors should be prescribed with caution in this population.

--- End quote ---

Article tweeted by A Russell BSN RN AEC

Tweeted by @AllergieVoeding

--- Quote ---The European Medicines Agency will now review the available data on the delivery of adrenaline from auto-injectors and on whether the product information contains clear and detailed instructions for appropriate use, and issue an opinion on the marketing authorisations of these medicines across the European Union (EU).

--- End quote ---

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I didn't read through all of this.

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--- Quote ---The EpiBracelet is an auto-injector that is designed for portability, ease of use, and safety.
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