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It isn't that your life will Never Again Have _______ in it.

(well, unless that blank includes your actual allergen, I mean...)

It's that _____ is going to be rare.  A treat.  On second thought, maybe this is actually a good thing. 

I call that one of the authentic hidden benefits of food allergy.  Not taking the mundane but thoughtful things for granted.  Experiencing joy in everyday things.

That's actually kind of priceless.   :heart:

For an example of what I mean by that:  we have found ONE restaurant (ever) where it was safe for my DD to order more or less from the menu as it stands... and to order ICE CREAM and MILKSHAKES from that menu, even.  I never lose that sense of wonder and joy that I can BUY MY TEENAGED DAUGHTER A MILKSHAKE.

Ask yourself how many other 14yo in the world wear a smile that could light up Anchorage just because Mom or Dad took her for a milkshake. 

My neighbor sometimes gives me fish-- halibut that he himself has caught.  I have a shellfish allergy, so in spite of living in a coastal region, most fish is completely off-limits to me, and I love fish.  I never ever take it for granted, and I savor every bite.   

When someone says "Oh, well of COURSE we'll tell everyone not to bring {allergen} to our group activity..."  you know that they value you and want you to feel comfortable and included. 

This is a gift.   :yes:

Watch out for look alike packaging from manufacturers. They often make several products with nearly identical packaging but different lists of allergens. For example, I've seen Better than Boullion Chicken Base contain milk when Better than Boullion Organic Chicken Base doesn't.  It is so easy to grab the wrong product off the shelves.

FARE's Food Allergy Field Guide:

Kind of like Allergy 101 for the newly diagnosed, but also a good read to share with people close to you and/or people who don't get it.


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