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A word about Hyperboards Links and Content


Many threads here may still have little more than redirects to the original thread/thread-starter at our previous home.

Please rest assured that we are working to make sure that this content migrates HERE.  But there is a LOT of content, and it will take time.  Fortunately, we now have a way to 'merge' threads so that once we have the hyperboards half of the thread (the part that the link goes to right now), we can stitch the thread together and make it completely continuous.

We have made an effort to complete this process with as many stickied/critical threads as possible, and will attempt to respond quickly to requests for additional threads.  (Anything which already appears here as a thread-starter WILL eventually migrate here.)

The content at hyperboards:

a) is unambiguously the property of the individuals who posted it, and belongs to the members of the FAS community,

b)  will remain there as an archive, even if the content is duplicated here, as far as FAS Administrators and Committee Members are concerned, and

c) may be of course edited by the original posters (though please recognize that this may ultimately be at hyperboards' admninistrative discretion and not up to Rebekah or myself).

  As administrator, once we have the content HERE, I recommend editing particularly sensitive or identifying content remaining at hyperboards, just as a precautionary measure-- including content appearing in PM boxes.  Again, though, I know of no IMMEDIATE risk to any of that information or our members' access to it.


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