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Ordering Medic Alert bracelet - advice please!


Ordering Medic Alert bracelet - advice please!

Shanda A:
I got my 6 year old daughter who has severe nut allergies a bracelet from Vital Id online.  The address is :
I liked this Medical Alert bracelet the best because all the other bracelets bothered her.  She is so active and always getting wet and dirty.  We needed something for her that was comfortable and easy.  Its a good opion for kids or active people.

Shanda A:
Well after reading the post under this one about Med IDs, there was a letter written from an ER nurse.  Very Impactful!  I think I am going to change and get my daughter a metal Medical ID.  I looked and I am going to order on from this website:
I think I am going to try a necklace since they seem less bothersome to little kids.


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