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Author Topic: Sunflower allergy suffers-do not buy these chips!  (Read 3397 times)


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Sunflower allergy suffers-do not buy these chips!
« on: April 26, 2014, 02:07:55 PM »
Hi everyone. Wanted to post a warning to any sunflower allergy sufferers on here, especially those that shop at Kroger. Recently, I bought a bag of Private Selection brand aged cheddar sour cream kettle chips. There are NO sunflower ingredients on the packaging. There are hardly any chips that I can eat anymore after this sunflower oil fad started several years ago. However, I saw these and thought "oh good! I can enjoy chips again!" WRONG! I ended up in the hospital yesterday after having a severe reaction. We called the company and they said there are other brands of chips in their facility that are made with sunflower oil. However, they clean equipment between batches but cannot guarantee 100% they did not come into contact with a potato chip containing sunflower oil. So if you see these chips, proceed with caution. I am doing much better today.

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Re: Sunflower allergy suffers-do not buy these chips!
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2014, 05:12:03 PM »

so glad that you are doing okay after your experience.   :heart:

Thank you for the warning to others-- I sure wish that advisory labeling were more consistent with seeds and nuts.  They are horribly hard to clean off of equipment. 
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