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Author Topic: Growing into food allergies??  (Read 2639 times)



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Growing into food allergies??
« on: May 09, 2014, 08:57:30 PM »

I'm curious to know if there are others on this site with legume allergies?  I was first diagnosed with a peanut allergy this time last year.  Though I had never had an official diagnosis prior to that, I always knew I had a soy allergy.  At the same time that I was diagnosed with a peanut allergy and had my soy, green bean, and pea allergy confirmed, I was also diagnosed with an allergy to chick peas.  (All from scratch tests).  I dont test positive for a wheat allergy, but am very gluten intolerant.  Tonight I made a spouted bean mix (mung beans, lentils, adzuki beans) and seemed fine.  About 1 1/2 - 2 hrs later I could not leave the bathroom because of diarrhea and severe abdominal cramping.  I also got congested and my chest got tight.  I took a Zyrtec and everything has calmed down.   Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms relate to a legume allergy?

I also have some oral allergy symptoms to apples, peaches, and mangoes, though these agent consistent.  I am allergic to everything on the environmental panel as well.  And FYI:  my 6 yr old son has severe allergies to milk, peanuts, and tree nuts.  He grew out of egg, fish, and shellfish.  My 3 yr old son is completely clear somehow!  He's growing out if them and I'm growing into them. I'm happy for him, but what gives??

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Re: Growing into food allergies??
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2014, 08:41:38 AM »
Hi Mamak,

As you've found out, one can develop food allergies at any time.  There's some evidence that hormonal changes can affect allergies, so it could be shifting hormones that caused your recent increase in food allergies.  When my DS was younger, he reacted to many legumes, so our allergist advised us to avoid them all.  Normally, I wouldn't suggest avoiding a food based solely on allergy testing, but since you react to peanut, soy and now something in the sprouted bean mix (I'm pretty sure lentils are the most allergenic out of the things you listed), I would suspect that all legumes could be a problem.  It's unusual to be allergic to more than one legume, but I think if you are one of the few who do react to more than one, then it makes it much more likely you will react to most/all legumes.  Any chance the sprouted bean mix was contaminated with soy or peanut??

Do you have an epi pen?  For the reaction you describe, I would have used one.  You were having Grade 4 anaphylaxis according to the anaphylaxis grading chart
DS - peanut, tree nut, milk, eggs, corn, soy, several meds, many environmentals. Finally back on Xolair!
DD - mystery anaphylaxis, shellfish.
DH - banana/avocado, aspirin.  Asthma.
Me - peanut, tree nut, shellfish, banana/avocado/latex,  some meds.

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Re: Growing into food allergies??
« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2014, 08:22:18 PM »
My dh grew into his gluten issues at 39 years old- he gets idiopathic hives (so random patches of hives in angry streaks) when he has gluten.

My son has OAS and he can eat some fruits certain times of the year depending on what trees are in bloom because it cross reacts with his environmental allergies. Do you have a cross reactive chart? There are some online, but here's one for you:

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Re: Growing into food allergies??
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2014, 07:46:50 AM »
My sister developed allergies as an audits, to legumes and foods in the nightshade family.  Her reactions were not as severe as yours, but were delayed. Actually much more delayed than yours, which made diagnosis difficult.

I agree with Rebekah, you should speak to a doctor about getting an epi-pen.

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Re: Growing into food allergies??
« Reply #4 on: July 29, 2014, 11:27:00 PM »
All of my food allergies are adult onset.  Mine followed a kind of weird path - I initially just had oral allergy syndrome which slowly developed into anaphylaxis to many fruits even when processed.

Soy is an allergen of mine as well, and mine presents with the same type of horrid abdominal symptoms within an hour or two of consumption.
Allergic to soy, egg, tomato, apple, cherry, peach, pear, nectarine, canteloupe, watermelon, severe OAS to others, insect bites (severe to horseflies), various drugs, way too many environmental allergens, and asthma.

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Re: Growing into food allergies??
« Reply #5 on: January 14, 2015, 10:09:09 PM »
I am allergic to soy, peanuts, and peas- as far as I know.   I can eat most beans, I believe.    I ate cannellini beans tonight and was fine, I'm fine with pintos and green beans also.  I started last year at the age of 38.  I had never had food allergies ever.  I can't have soybean oil or lecithin either.  Soybean oil will put me in the bathroom the rest of the day, blisters my lips, and makes me itchy and sometimes gives me hives.

I believe I have mild OAS.  Sometime apples make me itch and my throat itchy, but not always.  I don't eat many other fruits except berries and pineapple and they are usually with yogurt.  I don't seem to have reactions to that.

My allergist only did blood tests and I was negative on EVERYTHING. I am going to see a different allergist in March for another perspective, as my allergies continue to worsen and become more numerous all the time.

I'm severely allergic to almonds also.   Pretty severely allergic to cilantro and coriander.  Mild allergy to sesame.
Allergies to soy (including oil and lecithin), peanuts, tree nuts (esp almonds), peas, sesame, corn, wheat, coriander, cilantro, raw apples, bananas, some ingredient that I can't figure out in most toothpastes.  Negative on RAST and skin prick for all.  Diagnosed by reactions.

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Re: Growing into food allergies??
« Reply #6 on: January 15, 2015, 09:10:54 AM »
Welcome to this forum.  I hope you find a lot of great information here.  What you describe sounds quite frightening.  Did your first allergist prescribe you an epinephrine autoinjector (EpiPen, Allerject, Auvi-Q)?  If not, be sure to get two from your GP and keep them with you at all times.  Knowing your allergens or not, allergic reactions can happen any time, no matter how well you try to avoid them.  Epinephrine is the only way to stop an allergic reaction from progressing and anyone with a history of food allergy needs to have it on their person.  I cannot stress this enough. 

In the meantime, steer clear of anything you may be allergic to (soy, peanut, pea, apple, tree nuts, cilantro, sesame), any uncertain foods, and anything that may contain those items.  It is rare to develop multiple food allergies all at once as an adult, but it is better to play it safe until your allergist can clearly define what's going on.  Sometimes after a big reaction (or even mild ones for that matter), your body can get out of sorts and start reacting to things it normally wouldn't. 

Great to hear you have another allergist appointment set up for March.  Hopefully this one will be better able to address your concerns, get to the bottom of your reactions, and provide you with better support.  I, too, test negative to my allergens (both via blood and skin tests), but false negatives exist.  Reaction history trumps all testing.  An allergist trained in food allergies should be able to recognise this. 
anaphylaxis to tree nuts, peanuts, potato, wheat, and sorghum