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admin rebekahc:
Here is a link to our welcome page;

that contains information about how to use the forums,
how to modify your profile,
how to use an autoinjector,
anaphylaxis grading charts,
abbreviation/acronym help,
and basic information that our members wish that they'd known when starting out.

A very warm FAS welcome to you; we hope that you will find our community to be a welcoming and supportive place for you as you navigate life with food allergies.

~ FAS Administrators, AdminCM and admin rebekahc 

thanks for the info.

I'm posting this here because it's just a good set of guidelines for social interactions anywhere on the web:

For the original, please see:


Pass it on!  :)

One more of our community's sort of unspoken rules:

A) Is it helpful?

B) Is it true?

C) Is it kind?

Here's the golden rule derivative that applies to us here, as a support group:

The answer to those questions needs to be at least 2/3rd Yes.  Everyone has a bit different style, but sometimes the TRUE thing isn't particularly "kind" though it may be both necessary and helpful as a response to another post.

  Sometimes telling someone something kind because it's what they need to hear IS helpful... even if the 'truth' of it is somewhat subjective or ambiguous.  (Yes, you did fine managing at that birthday party where you left your rude MIL slack-jawed... or No, I don't think you flipped out about the BBQ shrimp at the company picnic... the school is being unreasonable... it's okay to walk away...).    Sometimes people post because they are hurting and they need permission to feel the way that they are feeling.  Sometimes they want unvarnished TRUE advice... and sometimes... they lack information (even if they don't yet know that).

We're happy to have new faces join us in our community-- we treat one another like family here.  Sometimes that feels good, and sometimes not, but mostly it's motivated by a sense of loyalty and wanting to help keep one another safe.   :bye:

PLEASE let a board administrator or moderator know if there are ever broken links to resources in any of the sticky threads on the boards-- but most especially in THIS board. 

We want to make sure that the information that folks need most often is easily accessible to those who are starting out.   :heart:


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