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Baked egg challenge


DD had a baked egg challenge at the hospital yesterday (and baked milk the week before -- another epic fail there). 

She did not pass, and it was very obvious within 5 minutes.  Not quite as quick and immediate a reaction as the baked milk challenge, but still pretty obvious.  Epipen was used this time instead of a syringe with epinephrine.

The valuable info she gained from this:  She is no longer fearful of the epipen.  It didn't hurt as much as the syringe; she learned that it takes some force to engage the epipen needle in her thigh; and her relief was immediate.  She had the racing heart and some shaking, but nothing she couldn't handle.  She has never used the epipen (nor have we) and so had no idea what it's like.  She had anaphylactic reactions as a baby, but since then --- we've not had to use the epipen; otherwise there were a few reactions where we probably should have, but lucked out and all was well in spite of our ignorance.

Allergist says that latest research is showing people outgrowing their allergies even in their twenties; she has personally had some people do so in her practice; and there is still hope.  We will continue with challenges in the next few years.

I'm so sorry GP, but like you said some good did come from the experience.  And good to know before she heads off to school.

Yikes GP what a time you guys have had lately!! I'm glad you're able to see the positive in another bad experience.  How's your DD holding up :grouphug:

Sorry about the failed challenges.  I hope your DD is feeling better and is in good spirits despite the disappointment.

So sorry.  :/


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