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Egg challenge on Monday (4 Aug)

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Kiddo doesn't want chocolate cupcakes.  He likes vanilla, in theory, but sometimes dislikes the aftertaste of the GF flours we use.  I think he'd like an orange cupcake, but I worry about adding a pretty potent histamine trigger (citrus) into a food challenge. 

Thoughts?  What have others used?  It must be gluten-free and soy-free and our allergist isn't terribly precise, but said two eggs in a 12-cupcake batch.  Most of my favorite GF recipes have a lot more egg (or none at all). 

I bought a store mix that called for 3 eggs, but I was supposed to use only 2 eggs, so that is what I did.  It turned out fine.  As for flavor, I bought a red velvet --- thought that would really be fun for DD --- and then discovered that a red cake is NOT so good for a food challenge.  It colored her throat a bit . . . . hard to tell if throat is red due to reaction or due to cake.   :-/   Lesson learned.

Can you use a Cherrybrook Farms Kitchen mix?  Cannot remember if there is soy in it.  Thinking not.

Let's see-- for GF stuff, I'd sub out about half of the egg replacement(s) with real egg.

I used to do egg/milk/soy/gluten-free, too, so I KWYM about the amount of egg in stuff.

But if you halve the leavening agent, and roughly halve the binding agents (tapioca/potato starch or flax seed, that kind of thing), cut the liquid by about 1tbs per egg,  it should theoretically work.

Can you do lemon + vanilla?  That's a nice kind of neutral-tasting combo that hides a world of weird under the flavor combo.  Ginger-lemon-vanilla would be another option. 

The problem is texture.  He's gonna refuse if it's gummy.  We generally don't do cupcakes at all unless they're wacky cake.

It's easy to ditch an egg when it's a recipe that has gluten.  There's gluten to bind, so the eggs aren't as necessary.

I'm wondering if my favorite old cupcake recipe which calls for three eggs would work with one of those portions being ener-g.  It might not be too starch-heavy and might just work.

I forgot about this until just now.  Spent all evening at the park and letting Aenea walk home on her own feet.  Ooops.

Can you do wacky cake and add an egg?  Should still work, right?

Ohhh-- I also FOLD in something carbonated rather than pure water.  Even in regular gluten-free stuff, that makes a world of difference in final texture.  Dries things out better.


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