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Trouble accessing forum?

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I received a message on FB from someone who is not able to access the forum.  Has anyone else had problems, or heard from anyone else having trouble?

I haven't been able to access with iPad today, but can with phone.

Was just coming here to post the same thing.....

obviously I got in....

Managed to make it in with old phone but cannot access via iPhone or computer on FireFox or IE (latter always being sketchy).

I was beginning to think I was banned.  Because I have really bad PMS, really stressed, arguing with people who like to argue.  Woe is me, I am being overly dramatic.

Sorry guys-- it was not just us, though-- it was ALL of OLI, though, so it was at the server level.

I could not get in via Firefox, via my mobile browser on my Android phone, etc.



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