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Specific Food Allergies > Egg Allergy

Allergic, intolerant, or wrong?


So I asked our allergist to run a treenut panel on both boys, along with their regular allergy bloodwork, as M has been wanting to try almonds. Both boys were off the chart for all tree nuts, which was disheartening, but not surprising. Well, maybe a little surprising since they're class V to several!

But anyway, while ordering, doc accidentally ran egg on M. M used to eat egg regularly until we became an egg free house when C anaphylaxed in 2009. Now M very rarely eats egg. Every now and then DH or I will take him to McDs for breakfast. Occaissionally, if he's going to a birthday party without C, I'll get him peanut free cupcakes with egg to take. Never a problem.

Bloodwork shows class II to egg for M. When I told the nurse he eats it, she said to keep giving it him then. I talked to M when I got off the phone with her and he said sometimes when he eats eggs he gets a bellyache ( I can't remember how I broached it. I may have influenced him). I asked why he never told me. He said he assumed it was just McDs food that made his belly hurt.

So now what? Would you try non baked egg again with this info?  I'm thinking maybe he's less tolerant of less heated egg now?

One thing I know- it's now time for a teaching hospital in a big city. Too many questions as they're getting older!

McD's food makes my belly hurt, so he could have been right in the first place.  Does a cupcake with egg in it bother him at all?

DS has only ever had mild reactions to egg, but I'm guessing he "knew" he was allergic to it prior to us knowing, because he didn't like eggs.  (DS seems to have a very strong self-protective mechanism...always refused to try nuts when offered, then had a reaction to a cookie and cake with nuts).  The egg allergy was discovered years later after I made meringue cookies.

Back to my story, the allergist told us to continue with baked egg in cakes etc, so we did.  Sometimes I made muffins and cake with egg and sometimes without, but I would not tell DS to see if there was a scratchy throat (his description for it plus his reactions never progressed past this).  It never failed that the scratchy throat was after a batch of egg containing treats.  We have just tried french toast at home for the first time with no issues.  We are working our way up to scrambled eggs.

I would definitely investigate more with the eggy cupcakes and how he feels.  Since we don't eat fast food, I know both my kids would have stomach aches from eating it.

What about trying some Kings Hawaiian bread with him? 

Yes. We really don't eat fast food either. It's just the easiest way to get eggs for M without contaminating the house.

He hasn't complained about the cupcakes. He last had one of those in the spring.


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