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Large Gluten Free Tortillas ?

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I usually eat corn tortillas, whenever I make a meal that requires tortillas.  But the only ones I can find are small, and they do not make enchiladas well. Lol. Is there such a thing as a larger sized gluten free tortilla?

Check the freezer section for the larger tortillas (which tend to be rice based).  Food For Life (I think...) has larger GF options.  Double check ingredients.   I have also seen them in the GF bread sections in the dry market.

Here is one with ingredients -

FWIW - I know the corn ones are a pain, but IMO - by far have the best taste  :misspeak:

Corn ones do make the best enchiladas.  They do not, however, make good burritos.

You can make your own and press/roll/pat them out a bit bigger.

The brown rice tortillas make good quesadillas (you have to heat them on a hot griddle to make them pliable), but don't roll.  I've heard good things about some other brands of GF tortillas, but most of them contain my allergens, so they're a no-go here.

I like the big Udi's ones. 

I managed to find some millet flour wraps and Health Food Center!  They made fantastic enchiladas.  Didn't stay rolled very well, but cooked just fine.  The allergy-safe and gluten-free awareness is just now starting to pick up where I live, so hopefully I will have more options soon.  Thank you everyone for the advice!


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