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Author Topic: Food Allergy Wellness Summit - Excellent Resources and free  (Read 4526 times)


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Food Allergy Wellness Summit - Excellent Resources and free
« on: October 23, 2014, 05:08:27 PM »
 Free Food Allergy Wellness Summit Serves Up 12 Expert Interviews

From Nov. 3 through Nov. 6, the first Food Allergy Wellness Summit will air online, providing information about all aspects of life with food allergies.

October 14, 2014 -- Professional organizer Crystal Sabalaske hosts the first-ever “Food Allergy Wellness: Powerful Paths to Courageous Living with Food Allergies” Summit. The summit, which runs Nov. 3-6, features 12 experts talking about 12 aspects of life with food allergies. There will be valuable information for everyone, including the newly diagnosed and those who have long dealt with food allergies.

“It’s so easy to feel completely overwhelmed by everything from preparing food, handling social situations, traveling safely, sending your kids to school, and so much more when you’re dealing with food allergies,” says Sabalaske whose family of four battles 19 food allergies daily. “I’ve been there. That’s why I’m so excited to host this summit and share all the solutions these experts have uncovered.”

There are nearly 15 million American adults and children who live every day with food allergies, just like Sabalaske and her family. Sabalaske, founder of Cluttershrink®, brought together 11 other experts for this Summit in an effort to provide real solutions that make life with food allergies easier.

Together, these 12 experts will teach listeners how to: leave the house confident to travel and navigate social situations while staying healthy; be savvy, money-saving shoppers; send their kids to school with the know-how to keep them safe; apply updated medical expertise to help manage their food allergies; reduce food allergy-related stress in family, friendship and romantic relationships; enhance their well-being through nutrition; tantalize their tastebuds with cooking and baking tips; and, organize their kitchens, turning it into a giant “safe zone.”

The Food Allergy Wellness Summit features the following 12 topics and experts:

    “Food Allergy 411: Everything You Need to Know” with Dr. Ruchi Gupta

    “Can Food Allergies Make you Healthy?: Allergen-Free Nutrition” with Lisa Musician, RD LDN 

    “Reading Labels is Hard Enough: Make Budgeting & Saving Money with Food Allergies Easy” with Rachel Lee Coppola 

    “Cluttershrink Your Chance of Cross-Contact: Kitchen Organization” with Crystal Sabalaske

    “Be a Master Chef: Cooking with Food Allergies” with Chef Keith Norman

    “Have Your Cake and Eat It: Baking with Food Allergies” with Debbie Adler

    “Be Your Own Food Allergy Avenger: Managing Stress in Social and Living Situations” with Lara Holland

    “No Homework Pass for Parents: Sending Your Food Allergic Child to School” with Daniella Knell

    “Allergen-Free Kisses: Navigating Romantic Relationships with Food Allergies” with Maya Trimner 

    “I Can’t Eat That: Living with Food Restrictions in College” with Amy Tracy

    “Food Allergies Aren’t Always a Party, But You Can Have Fun” with Donna DeCosta

    “Your Passport to an Allergen-Free World: Traveling with Food Allergies” with Kim Koeller

Each day from November 3 through November 6, three interviews will be live on www.foodallergywellness.com. Each interview will only be available to listeners for 24 hours. Anyone can sign up at www.foodallergywellness.com to listen to the interviews for free when they “air” Nov. 3-6. Lifetime access to the recordings can be purchased for $47 through November 11.

Those who tune in for the free Food Allergy Wellness Summit will also gain access to a special deal on Sabalaske’s Virtual Kitchen Organization service.


Crystal Sabalaske, owner of Cluttershrink®, has spent over a decade as a professional organizer helping countless clients simplify and declutter their lives while saving money, reducing stress, and promoting success along the way. Seen on HGTV’s Mission: Organization, and featured in Parents and Women’s Health magazines, Crystal continues to attract a loyal, national following thanks to her high-energy, shoot-from-the-hip personality and an infectious, can-do attitude. Crystal recently expanded her company’s offerings with a unique and already in-demand service: kitchen organization for food allergy safety and wellness. It’s a topic that strikes especially close to home, as her family of four faces a total of 19 food allergies between them! As one of the few professional organizers offering this important service, Crystal is hosting the summit Food Allergy Wellness: Powerful Paths to Courageous Living with Food Allergies.