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Veta Smart Case for EpiPens

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Not endorsing ... just sharing ....

"New product :: Veta Smart Case for EpiPens"

--- Quote ---It is called the Veta Smart Case and it was announced today by the company Aterica at the big annual tech event called the Consumer Electronics Show (aka CES).

--- End quote ---

Wow, that looks very promising. Can't wait to hear user reviews after it has been out for a while.

The design of the system around the use is excellent.  Having used a GPS alert system for quite a while now (2, now that eTrak left MedicAlert in a lurch) the features appeal to me.  We will likely pre-order to put the theory to test.

I'm willing to test this out as well, although I usually forget my phone more than my autoinjectors.  I hope they will create cases for Allerjects as well, as I carry those more often than EpiPens.

Pre-order is now available for interested parties.  Target release Fall 2015 in time for school start I would venture.

I'm going to pre-order, AND try to write it off on my taxes as a medical expense.  You all will have to let me know what type of feedback or testing you'd like.  I'm not a YouTuber or blogger so it will have to be limited to what can be posted.


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