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Veta Smart Case for EpiPens

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I have pre-ordered two as well. 

They answered my questions:
- You can turn off the system to check the EpiPen, replace it, etc. without setting off the alarm
- The case is clear enough to look at the colour of the fluid to check for discolouration
- Pending success of the EpiPen model, one for Allerject/Auvi-Q is also in the plans

While I'm still interested in the product and intend to order as soon as product is available Aterica must stop pushing responsibility of self-management at an earlier age as one of the main benefits of its product.  That's between parents, doctor and patient as an individual development. Stick to product features, avoid giving medical advice for pediatric use.

Looks like I may be a beta tester for them!

I like the idea.  I don't like that the video kept saying 'must carry an epi pen' rather than epi pens and that it showed people carrying only one epi pen over and over.  They should fix that to reflect current recommendations. 

Their recent Facebook post was a reminder to always carry two.   I will definitely mention it.  If you have some links to specifics, pm them to me so I can forward them.  Testing has started with a small group.  I will be in the next group but have already been in touch with them directly. 


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