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Potato soup?

Amazing Butternut Squash Soup : and Jalapeno Coriander Chutney

Moroccan-style Vegetable Stew

Portuguese Kale Soup

Kale and sweet sausage soup

Turkey/Pork Meatball Soup

Favorite soup recipes/tips?

Soups in other food threads
Re: Kale?

Re: Squash recipes

I'll add more later.

My project for this afternoon:

But as usual, I'm changing it up a bit.  I think it needs to be pureed, so I'll simmer for 1/2 hour until everything is tender, using water instead of veg broth (need to cut salt) and will jazz it up with some smoked paprika and hot sauce.  I'll let y'all know how it comes out.

Holy Cow, ^ is a keeper!  Really yummy.  The use of veggie or chicken broth would cut he sweetness a bit.  With just water and milk, it is a little too sweet for me - which is why I added the smoked paprika.  DH will want to add hot sauce.  And a sprinkle of reggiano on top would be amazing.

GN that looks yummy.  See the jalapeno coriander chutney above with that butternut squash soup. 


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