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It's been a while since anyone has been in this thread, but I made a good one last week - chicken butternut squash stew.  I'm working on using more long-lasting veggies in case of grocery supply issues.  I cured the squash for storage in this recipe in mid November, and it was good to make this last week.

I'm that person that doesn't follow recipes as written.  For this one, I:
Used the general ratios but didn't really measure anything.
Added minced garlic instead of garlic powder, though I added some roasted garlic powder at the end.
Threw the chicken breasts in directly from the freezer - thin, individually frozen ones, so I wasn't worried about them "danger zoning".
Took a few cups out at the end and whirled it with a stick blender, then stirred that back in to give it more body.
Wilted baby spinach at the end.

And mainly, I changed the whole spice flavor profile.  DSD doesn't like sage much, and this was pretty heavily sage-y.  I've had squash work well with cumin & company, so my main flavor profile was cumin, chipotle powder and smoked paprika.  I think it would be a good base for many flavor profiles.

Iím glad you raised this Janelle. Iíve been very into making soup lately; itís so comforting, and a creative way to clean out the fridge.

Iíve done some butternut squash/cauliflower/tomato soups that are heavenly.

This red lentil is a favorite of DHís. Itís pretty close to what I do.

Lentil soup that I made Saturday - uses 2 kinds of lentils, was very popular.

The recipe is written for an instant pot, I did it in a slow cooker.

Things I changed:
I didn't use any oil.
I used chicken broth.
I couldn't find my turmeric, so I left it out, but I did add smoked paprika and some sriracha.
My celery was bad so I chopped up some peeled broccoli stalks instead.

Served with plain yogurt, sliced green onion, chopped cilantro, hot sauce.

Looks delicious!

I love soup. Unfortunately, my diet is so limited, the only soup I can eat is chicken noodle.

I went searching for a different chicken soup and found this one.

Iím eventually going to try it in my IP.


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