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Might try making Italian wedding soup today.  Or tomorrow.  Got some spinach in the fridge to use.


Italian Wedding Soup

As usual, I did not use a recipe.  But looked at a few as a starting point.  Ina's approaches most closely what I did, so I will post her recipe.  My tweaks:  I used ground turkey and made used the whole package, so ended up also using 2 quarts of stock plus a little more water and a bullion cube.  I just dropped the little meatballs right in the simmering soup before adding the pasta and spinach and let them cook through in the broth.  Saves some mess, and some recipes do this.  I used an 8oz bag of baby spinach, but any greens would work, like Kale.  I have grown to like kale in soup, because it holds up well.  The spinach may be a bit slimy tomorrow, butt i am not so fussy.  I added 3 crushed garlic cloves and squeezed in about 1/2 a lemon.   

I omitted the dill.  I used acini de pepe pastas.  About a scant cup as opposed to 1/2 cup.

I added the Portuguese Kale Soup thread ajas created from content from the previous place to the list of soup threads and also stickied this thread.  :)

Beef stew and Irish stew help request.  Has to be top 8 free.  I cannot make these stews you'll have to trust me on it.  Foolproof would be preferred. 

I've never made Irish stew but I often make beef stew and never follow a recipe.  Low and slow gets the most flavor so I make mine in a crock-pot,  then I can ignore until dinner.

(On the stove top, I've had some success but I hate to hang out and sometimes it has burnt.)

I put cut up onions in the bottom.  Then stew beef (no I do not brown because I use cubed meat and it will brown by the end).  Then mushrooms if I use them, then my hardest vegetable first (like carrots) up to the softest vegetables.  If I need to use a frozen veggie, that goes on top to steam.  Then I will add either beef, chicken or vegetable broth, about half way to 2/3's of the way up the pot.

If I want potatoes, I don't cook them in the crock-pot for 2 reasons.  They can get mushy, and they take up too much space.  I'll do those just before we eat on the stove top with beef, chicken, or vegetable stock - not water and then mix it all together.  Most times I leave the skins on.

Carrots, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, chunks of cabbage, green beans, parsnips, etc are all yummy adds.  If I get carried away with vegetable choices and the pot gets too full, I'll cook green beans the same way I cook potatoes.

I cook this on high for a couple hours and then shift to low for about 4 hours.  If I am going out I'll leave it on low the whole time but check when I come in to be sure it does not need to speed up at all.

No two stews are the same and nobody here complains (wouldn't do them much good anyway!)


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