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Goldfish Puffs: Contaminated?

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Has anyone else tried the Goldfish Puffs by Pepperidge Farms? The package claims to be Gluten Free, & the ingredient list looks safe. But I've finally narrowed it down to the Puffs that are causing my horrible stomach pains. I've read a few posts in other forums where people with wheat allergies are experiencing similar symptoms.  I've contacted Pepperidge Farms to ask if Puffs are made in the same facility or equipment. (But why woild they admit if they were? Lol)

The FDA has a reporting mechanism for contaminated items in order to trigger a recall.  For some this may be life threatening risk if they are contaminated.

I have found that PF labels for shared equipment for the allergens we deal with. However, I do not know about a GF environment.

I wonder if FAARP tests for gluten. You might look it up. If so, you woukd send them what remains of a package that you have eaten and had symptoms afterward. They analyze it for free and give you a report. I believe they contact the manufacturer and the FDA, too, but I'm not sure.

I got my sample sent off to FAARP, I'll share the results when I get them!

Any word?  Saw these and wondered if it was worth the risk...


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