Love Island Star Jack Fowler

Started by SilverLining, June 18, 2024, 11:46:01 AM

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Not familiar with the show at all.

Jack Fowler was served nuts on a flight after REPEATEDLY ask8ng if it had nuts.

There is a video of him injecting himself. He put his thumb on the end.  :-/ Fortunately it did work. It looks like he didn't seal the hole.


I am glad he is okay and is sharing his story to raise awareness.

And a good reminder to never ever eat airline food.  :-[

Also, you can inject Epi through clothing. I wonder if the EpiPen was his or if it was from someone else onboard but either way I am glad he knew to Epi first.

This story is basically all my nightmares combined.
ANA peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, potato, sorghum


It was his own epipen according to article. Yes, an epi will even go through denim.

As for not eating airline food, he repeatedly asked and said he was allergic. No different than a restaurant or a friend's home.


The difference is being stuck at 30,000 feet with no ER access, so extra precautions are in order.  DS knows to never eat anything he didn't bring on board himself, save for known safe packaged snacks. 

And TBH, given the nauseating food we got on our trip to Scotland, I'll never eat airline food again, even without allergies. 🤢
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