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Started by Macabre, May 14, 2013, 12:19:26 AM

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Can I post links in here?  If not, feel free to move to a new thread.


"Family Criticizes Airline Crew's Response to In-flight Reaction"
QuoteAfter Nikki's epinephrine injection, Jennifer requested that a PA announcement be made asking fellow passengers to refrain from eating nuts as there was a passenger having a serious allergic reaction. The flight attendant she spoke to said that couldn't be done, that it was against policy.

"Requiring Airlines to Institute a Bill of Rights for Food Allergic Children/Adult Passengers"
QuoteI launched The No Nut Traveler. This is a website dedicated to all the people who have food allergies and wish to fly on commercial airlines. On our website you can share your experiences with airlines so we can build a database of support, write your legislator and file a complaint with the DOT (Department of Transportation). Please log on, take a look, and share your stories if applicable and forward to your family and friends.

"Naperville Mom Releases Documentary, Urges Airlines to Change Food Allergy Policies"
QuoteAmy Wicker of Naperville, who runs AllergySafeTravel, an online travel resource for people with food allergies, showed her film, More Than An Inconvenience

"Airlines Hear the Case for Allergy Accommodations"
QuoteA senior representative of FARE, the food allergy organization, and an independent food allergy advocate had the unprecedented opportunity to make the case directly to the top U.S. airlines for clear guidelines for accommodating air travelers with food allergies.


"Reactions to peanut during air travel: can anaphylaxis be due to inhalation?"


Flying with Food Allergies - KFA Webinar

QuoteThe speakers are Dr. Matthew Greenhawt, a pediatric allergist, and attorney Laurel Francoeur.


Well, THAT makes for depressing reading.   :pout:
Resistance isn't futile.  It's voltage divided by current. 

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Looks like that is the updated list  :-/

QuoteIt's back! Our Comparing Airlines Chart that details the allergy policies of 12 major airlines is now updated with 2014 information.


Most airlines have "updated" policy to actively prohibit cabin announcements by flight crews.  {sigh} 
Resistance isn't futile.  It's voltage divided by current. 

Western U.S.


"Food Allergies and Travel in Recent News"

QuoteI get the liability jargon people bandy about, I'm a lawyer.  In the same way "free speech" is misunderstood, we have to get some things straight about liability and discrimination and what it means when common carriers (entities that transport people) discriminate.


National Peanut Board creates allergy awareness website

Quote from: LinksEtc on August 23, 2014, 09:20:12 AM
"Anaphylaxis in the Air: Two Recent Airline Incidents"

Dr. Matthew Greenhawt:

QuoteThere is no evidence that has been able to show that such dust circulates. Five studies in the past 10 years have addressed this concept
QuoteApart from reactions where one eats a contaminated food, airline reactions most likely occur from allergen that may accumulate on surfaces. This we know happens in many different environments. On the plane, without being aware, one could potentially touch a surface that hadn't been wiped down first, and theoretically ingest some level of allergen.


"United Airlines Quietly Changes Its Peanut Policy"

QuoteUnited Airlines has amended its allergy policy to allow "buffer zones" to be created for peanut-allergic passengers.
QuotePressure has been mounting recently for the rights of food-allergic passengers in the sky.


Tweeted by @AllergyEducator

"Allergy girl had to leave BA plane after cabin crew didn't make 'don't eat nuts' announcement"

QuoteHe eventually decided to disembark the flight rather than risk his daughter's health, after staff were "rude" and "it felt like [he] was being bullied and ganged up on."


Tweeted by @AllergyEducator

"A Force of Nature for Safe Travel with Allergies"

QuoteWhen a United Airlines flight crew said they wouldn't make an announcement to passengers that Lianne Mandelbaum's son, Joshua, would be flying on board with a peanut allergy, they didn't know who they were messing with. The angered mother found another way home and soon launched a petition on the website Care2 urging airlines to make accommodations for allergic travelers.


One would need to alter the ADA itself to include DOT under its auspices. In addition, the validity of the contract of carriage would need to be completely reversed which would alter from the history of its recognition by courts. The contract of carriage is in effect by the act of purchasing a ticket.


Tweeted by @NoNutTraveler

"British schoolboy with peanut allergy is barred from boarding American Airlines flight after his parents asked for a tannoy announcement telling passengers not to eat nuts"

Quote'A pilot even came out and said he had no problems making an announcement,' said Daniel's mother Judith. 'But the woman at the gate and the head office wouldn't have any of it.


When will US airlines have to answer to the ADA??!!? This makes me so angry.
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The last flight for AirTran was last week.  They were eaten up by Southwest.  So the one airline who seemed offended that I would ask for peanuts because someone might be allergic gets taken over by the one airline that thrives on peanuts.

(And yes, my comfort level is different than most on this site but that doesn't mean that I want to find out in the air that DS2 is aerosol/contact reactive, kwim?)

DS1 - Wheat, rye, barley and egg
DS2 - peanuts
DD -  tree nuts, soy and sunflower
Me - bananas, eggplant, many drugs
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