sesame seeds labeling: US specific (laws, loopholes)

Started by AdminCM, August 22, 2011, 01:46:15 PM

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Quick update.  I hear another org has also been working on this ... I'm just going to wait and see what they decide to do.  I'm not going to post details in this thread.


A very important tweet today:

QuoteSesame labeling advocates with issues in the lack of sesame labeling, shoot me an email at Neat opportunity to share.

Send her a tweet or contact her on this blog ASAP :)

:heart: Homa  :heart:


Spread the word.


Docs helping patients to surf the internet

QuoteHow many people are willing to stand up and say loudly that it is time to label for sesame?  Is our community independent & brave enough?  Are our intentions pure?

Not All "Patients" Are Created Equal
QuoteWe need to make sure the patient safety voice is not only represented, but can be heard over the noise of money, politics, and power.


"The FDA, ConAgra, Coca-Cola Share Food Allergen Control Strategies"

QuoteTo clarify allergen-related policy and practices, industry experts from the FDA, Johns Hopkins University, ConAgra and the Coca-Cola Co. presented in a Food Safety Summit workshop, "Food Allergen Control Update," April 10 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

QuoteThe most common allergens, by prevalence, are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. Sesame is increasingly being recognized as a common allergen, Keet said.


"The Power of Cases"

QuoteDon't be afraid to tell the compelling story first and then back it up with data!


I was thinking about this today ... what is my role now ...

it is not to be a promoter or a face of this thing ...

no no, a FA-Jedi works more behind the scenes, sometimes you hardly know that they are there at all.


First, take a small break.

Then, start preparing your comment ... this task I am well prepared for ... it actually will be quite fun I think.    :evil:

(Yes, I know ... I have to get more of a life ... but would like to do this first.)


Am so glad that all those docs got on board with this.   :heart:


Tweeted by @woodrumlaw

"CSPI Files Sesame Labeling Regulatory Petition"

QuoteIn January 2013 Jessica connected me with Janna dePorter, a research associate at CSPI, about CSPI's work on a petition for the FDA to get sesame labeling going.  I was able to reach out to my own networks so that Janna could speak with other great individuals that wrangle sesame allergies in their life.


I'm going to save some spots for the news articles that we'll likely start seeing more of (so I don't have to keep bumping).


"CSPI asks FDA to add sesame to list of allergens, mandate labeling"

By Elizabeth Crawford, 20-Nov-2014

FDA should protect the estimated 300,000 to 500,000 Americans who are dangerously allergic to sesame by mandating the ingredient be labeled clearly when in foods and when products are made on the same machinery as foods with the ingredient, the Center for Science in the Public Interest argues.


"Allergy experts support group's call for allergen labeling for sesame"

QuoteSesame should to be added to the Big 8 list of allergens that must be identified on food labels, say several prominent allergy experts who joined the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in a petition filed Tuesday (Nov. 18) with the Food and Drug Administration.


Food & Beverage Litigation UPdate

"purported"    (Italics mine)


Let the games begin.   :evil:

There is a time for nice.  This is not that time or my role.


"The Impact on Food Manufacturers if FDA Adds Sesame to List of Allergens"


Tweeted by @bmarler

"FDA Urged to Require Allergen Labeling for Sesame Seeds"

QuoteIn a news release, CSPI highlighted the case of a 10-year-old boy in Virginia who was rushed to the emergency room after eating a meal at a restaurant, despite his parents getting the assurance of the staff before ordering that the meal contained no sesame seeds.


Tweeted by @AcademicsSay

QuoteI have no special talents. I am only unreasonably persistent.


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