Our Son Passed Away

Started by AdminCM, September 19, 2011, 12:48:30 AM

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DH and my step-daughter got their flu shots this weekend - I'm not allowed, but our house is as protected as possible now.


I got mine 2 weeks ago.  I take the 3 kids today - DD must have her's at the pediatrician and then we wait a half hour due to her egg allergy.

DH, well, he's on his own.  He missed his chance at work, I told him to go to CVS or call his doctor's office, I'm not his mom - LOL!


A reminder to get your flu shot if you haven't already. Two teens have died in the Twin Cities in the last 10 days from flu complications.

The latest--a 14 year old girl--a freshman, the same age and grade as my son--her funeral was today in a nearby suburb.

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Indeed!  I've been thinking of Mumaluke's son every time there is a news report about the current outbreak.  I've been on DH's case to get his.  And the second elder DS steps off the plane, I think we're heading straight to CVS to get his.  This is a nasty strain, and it's spreading like crazy.
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The flu this year is baaad.  NJ is having high rates of people getting it even with the flu shot.  they say still better to have the shot as your illness will be less severe
Macabre, that is horrible hearing about the deaths from flu complications.  life is so fragile! 
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this was a first for me.  When I went for my mammo this morning, there was a sign at the check-in with a box of masks.  Everyone was required to wear the masks, due to the flu outbreak. 


DH and I always get the flu shot.  Fr some reason we did not manage to get them this fall.  We went to Walgreens the other night.  Kids got theirs in October.  My mom and brother both got flu shots this week too. 


I'm a bit freaked that DS#2 doesn't have his. We've always just made sure the rest of us get it.  Our allergist has said if there is ever a bad outbreak, we'll do what we need to re vaccinating him. We have an appt the 18th for enviro skin testing.  If she gives him the flu shot, will it be an all day affair?
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Hi Everyone!

I have not stopped by in a while, sorry about that! We have just moved from Ohio back to NY, I changed jobs, again! and we finally close on our new home at the end of the month. Plus throw in all the holiday stuff on top of that....ugh, life has been crazy to say the least  :happydance:

Anyway - It was a nice surprise to see my thread on the front page. Yes the flu has been very bad this year. The CDC is still encouraging every to get their flu shots, its still not too late. People that have received their shot can still get the flu, however, its lessens the severity and duration. So, PLEASE get your flu shot for you and your family.

There have been a number (30ish) of pediatric deaths this year. The most this early since 2009 H1N1's flu season.

Just to remind everyone - here are a few of the lates headlines. This is not something to take lightly.
•   NBC 4 (New York), NJ Teen's Death Confirmed as Flu-Related: Officials
•   ABC 7 (Baltimore, MD), Maryland officials confirm first pediatric flu-related death
•   MyFoxDC.com, Maryland boy in ICU with the Flu
•   ABC News 7 (Denver, CO), Mom of teen who died from flu fights for vaccinations
•   The Oakland Press, West Bloomfield family creates foundation to save others after their daughter dies of flu
•   WKZO-FM, Another Michigan child has died from the flu
•   The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio child's death tied to flu
•   The Dallas Morning News, Dallas County confirms two 6-year-olds as flu season's third, fourth fatalities
•   CNN, Texas teen dies from flu (VIDEO)
•   CNN, Official: Flu deaths continue to rise among children

Thanks for continuing to think of us!  :heart:


Thanks for your flu advocacy.  It's important for people to know that the flu is not to be taken lightly.  A person in my neighborhood had a friend who lost their 10-year-old to the flu this year. 

I ensured my egg-allergic DD was vaccinated again this year, and I got my shot too.

Good luck on the new house and the new job.

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What excitement for your family!  New home and new job - Congratulations and good luck with all the details! 

When I think of how important the flu vaccine is for children, I think, why can't they do what they did when I was a kid.  Class by class we'd line up outside the school nurses office and in we went where there was a doctor and a few nurses vaccinating ALL the kids for whatever the current vaccine or drink (I think that was for polio) it was.  Sure, there will always be families that opt out, but it would make it easier for those families that find it a chore to get vaccinated and more kids would be covered.

So glad to hear your news, enjoy the changes!


So good to hear from you!  And glad things seem to going so well for you, even it means you are so busy.

I was just talking with my air dresser today about how bad this flu season is, and pediatric deaths from it.   :(

I truly hope that it stops spreading so much, and soon.  My whole family was vaccinated ages ago, later than we usually, but still early enough to make a difference. In November sometime (we usually get them in October).


Just stopping in to say hello ;D

Hope everyone is doing well.




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