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Started by CMdeux, October 17, 2011, 10:31:10 AM

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If you were PA but cleared on almond and pistachio, which nut would you try next and/or what nut product would you consider the safest next bet from a cross-contamination standpoint?  Walnut is out because it is a potentially serious allergen for my younger child so it will be the last one we try.  Many of these products are contaminated by other's a little overwhelming.  Brownie
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The next one we find useful in cooking is pecan. But i thinkbits kind of close to pecans. However, I have itchy problems wth walnuts and not pecans. And I have tested positive to some walnuts but not other walnuts and not to pecans.

Finding them--well, I've posted about that above, and for the last two years we've bought one with a may contain warning because we have historically not had problems and I know exactly WHY it's a may contain and think the risk is super low. But others may not share that level of comfort (and I'll say we have a pretty tight comfort zone otherwise--never use may contains and don't buy things made on shares equipment).

OR a tack you could take is to test the other treenut that is an issue for Blue Diamond so you can eat that product with confidence. Having Blue Diamond in our lives was a game changer for us.
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No do not try pecan. Walnut and pecan are considered the same protein when challenging, so if you react to walnut, you'll react to pecan. It's the same with cashew/pistachio. DD reacted to cashew at her challenge last month and so pistachio also remains out of her diet. Her RAST to walnut was too high to challenge. We were told that they (Hopkins) consider the walnut RAST a more reliable indicator when determining whether to challenge because it seems the pecan number skews unreliably lower.

I came to this thread to look for almonds that were not contaminated with other tree nuts. Thankfully, Nutella is fine for having hazelnut. I'm hoping to find a source of shelled pine nuts (yes, I'm lazy  ;D ).

Part of the reason it might be hard to find uncontaminated cashews is because it is illegal to import cashews in their shells and most are imported. I found this little tidbit out watching the video prep for our challenge.
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Just reminding everybody that YOU need to re-check on any suggestions here FOR YOURSELF! 

Is this where I blame iPhone and cuss like an old fighter pilot's wife?

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Nutella's website is awful. I don't even see an email address. I know they are peanut safe. I have given it to my oldest with PA, but has there been any info that they are also free of treenut contamination (besides Hazelnut)?

DS13 passed almond and we've been approved to challenge hazelnut, pistachio and cashews. I have Nutella in the cupboard, but I'm afraid to use it until I can gather more info. DS is off the charts to peanut and likely allergic to walnut/pecan as well.

ETA - pretty amused with myself...apparently last year I started a thread on this topic as well :) It must have been when I was adding it into my DS15's diet! However, as he had never had a tree nut allergy, just peanut, I was less concerned!
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I just saw an ad on Facebook for Royal Nuts: Canadian peanut-free and gluten-free nuts.

You will have to Google the link yourselves because I cannot bring myself to do it.
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Quote from: spacecanada on September 16, 2016, 08:06:58 PM
I just saw an ad on Facebook for Royal Nuts: Canadian peanut-free and gluten-free nuts.

You will have to Google the link yourselves because I cannot bring myself to do it.

They've posted several links in this thread.
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Royal Nuts are fairly easy to find in my local Loblaws. They are peanut free but may contain other tree nuts. When I contacted them they seem to have a blanket response about not being able to guarantee no specific tree nut contamination, which was expected. But if they were able to be more specific about which tree nuts is may contain it would probably open up some options. Oh well. I know this thread is only for peanut free tree nuts, but many are allergic to both so just wanted to mention.

ELAN Organics doesn't seem to offer any peanut products so I sent them a message asking if there are ever peanuts in the facility. They will be the same scenario re: "may contain other tree nuts" but might be a good option for those that are only peanut-allergic. I'll post when I hear back from them. Their products are available on Amazon. I'm hoping to do food challenges when I see my new allergist and hopefully open up some tree nut options.

Macabre, I was think of you when I saw their pecans. You guys are safe with all tree nuts, right? Maybe the ELAN ones will work for you.


Quick update on Big Tree Organics.  The Big Tree Organic FAQ on their Web site says:

Q: Are Big Tree Organic Farms almonds processed with other nuts?
A: Our whole natural almonds processing facility is an "Almonds Only" facility. Our manufactured products (almond butter and almond meals) are also typically processed in an "Almonds Only" facility. We do have an alternate facility that sometimes processes for us; this facility also processes other nut products. This alternate facility was selected because of their commitment to high standards for food safety and allergen controls.

Note that it isn't stated whether the "other nut products" are other tree nuts, peanuts or both.
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Possible non-XContam Hazelnuts

Honor Earth Farm
Eugene Oregon

Linda Perrine
Honor Earth Farm
Eugene, OR
Is this where I blame iPhone and cuss like an old fighter pilot's wife?

**(&%@@&%$^%$#^%$#$*&      LOL!!   

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