SURPRISE! Unusual or Unexpected Peanut/Nut Sources

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admin rebekahc

I'm reposting this list so that it's visible at the top of this thread.  The link to the full discussion will appear in the next post.

  • Hamster Food
  • Hamster/Rodent bedding
  • Dog Food
  • Dog Treats
  • Bird Seed/Feed
  • SUET for woodpeckers, etc.
  • cat food and treats
  • livestock feed - dairy cattle feed is especially concerning
  • kitty litter
  • peanut hay

    Lawn and Garden
  • Some lawn fertilizer
  • potting soil with ground peanut shells in it
  • Beware of birds and squirrels that hide peanuts in the grass
  • shaker-canister style and bagged flower seeds
  • compost accelerator/additives
  • some insect granules
  • mulch

    Household Items
  • Bean Bag Chairs (sometimes stuffed with crushed peanut shells)
  • hacky sacks
  • charcoal may contain peanut
  • wallboard
  • fireplace logs
  • Mousetraps
  • Roach/ant bait disks
  • some recipes for homemade play dough may include peanut
  • Fiberboard Shelving
  • Burlap Bags
  • Scented Markers/Crayons
  • whole nuts in potpourri
  • Pellets for pellet stoves
  • Some "green" sponges contain walnut shells as an abrasive.

    Health and Beauty
  • some cosmetics, lotions, and shampoos might contain peanuts/peanut oil. It might be listed as arachis oil.
  • peanut butter flavored lip gloss
  • exfoliator that contains ground nut shells
  • some children's vitamins
  • Some pre-natal vitamins
  • Atrovent Inhalation Aerosol - asthma medication This info may be outdated.  The current (after 2008) Atrovent HFA inhalers DO NOT have a peanut warning
  • some baby diaper creams
  • Prometrium (synthetic progesterone)
  • some ear wax remover drops
  • Massage oils
  • Some Flavorx add-in medicine flavors contain peanut ingredients
  • sunscreens and tanning oils (therefore tanning beds?)
    Out and About
  • roasting nut hut in the center of the mall
  • in DOCTOR'S OFFICES with office staff members or in waiting rooms
  • cashiers snacking while handling your money/products
  • machine-made fake smoke
  • peanuts are in some toothpaste/polish at the Dentist office
  • peanut shells on the floor of stores and restaurants

    Unexpected Food Sources - always read labels!
  • jelly in other people's recipes/homes
  • European chocolate (may not be listed on label)
  • deli meat slicers - some meats contain nuts (mortadella) or are browned/fried in peanut oil
  • plant sterols can be derived from peanut - found in some "heart healthy" orange juice, yogurt, etc.
  • peanut/pb as a "secret" ingredient - especially in chili
  • traces left in toasters
  • contamination from pot holders
  • baking stones are often seasoned by baking pb cookies
  • cutting boards oiled with peanut oil
  • many packaged foods you wouldn't expect to contain or "may contain" have peanuts and nuts listed - always read labels!

  • dynamite
  • peanut skins can be used in making paper
  • Peanuts have a variety of industrial end uses, particulary the oil. - Paint, varnish, lubricating oil, leather dressings, furniture polish, insecticides and nitroglycerin can be made from peanut oil
  • peanut scented fishing lures
  • organic bore oil for wooden musical instruments
  • ARACHIS HYPOGAEA - is peanut
  • used cars and rental cars
  • a company is using ground up walnut shells for traction in snow tires
  • walnut shells are used in some texture additives for paint
  • ground walnut shells can be used in the Anti-slip strips on the ramps for semi trailers (especially for movers)
  • ground walnut shells are also used in some of the kinds of sand used in sandblasting
  • occasionally vendors will include a special treat or gift in the package when shipping - this has been know to be peanut containing products
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Tree nuts in some of the scar reducing creams like Mederma. I saw it in the CVS brand of the Mederma-like products.
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Quote from: McCobbre on October 01, 2011, 05:51:00 PM
Tree nuts in some of the scar reducing creams like Mederma. I saw it in the CVS brand of the Mederma-like products.

Came here to post that very thing.  I went to the store to get Mederma for ds chin (had stitches a few weeks ago) and kept forgetting to come post....MANY of those creams have nut components like walnut, almond etc.  I noticed it on the CVS brand and one other one. 

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Thanks for the heads up!

Tree nut making its way into many cosmetic and/or anti-wrinkle creams and treatments these days.

Peanut oil (and other veggie oils) still being touted as possible cheap source of personal lubricant.  (You KWIM.)

Is this where I blame iPhone and cuss like an old fighter pilot's wife?

**(&%@@&%$^%$#^%$#$*&      LOL!!   


Highly suggest people watch this and think about how these marketing changes will affect those with LTFA to peanut.

National Peanut Board 2010 Annual Report Video

Is this where I blame iPhone and cuss like an old fighter pilot's wife?

**(&%@@&%$^%$#^%$#$*&      LOL!!   


Peanut Harvest time:

Excellent video so that you can REALLY see what happens & the airborne situation -- especially for those who live or travel by road in peanut farm areas of our country.

Peanut combine Lawrence co.AR

Is this where I blame iPhone and cuss like an old fighter pilot's wife?

**(&%@@&%$^%$#^%$#$*&      LOL!!   


Is this where I blame iPhone and cuss like an old fighter pilot's wife?

**(&%@@&%$^%$#^%$#$*&      LOL!!   


I just had to return Rachel Ray's brand of chicken stock because it was made in the same facility with peanuts.  Chicken stock!
My son has a life-threatening peanut/tree nut allergy.

I love to plan vacations for others with dietary restrictions!  We all deserve to travel!


So I accidentally took a Good Housekeeping magazine from the doctor's office waiting room. (current issue - November 2011)  On it's Ask Heloise page, one of the questions is about removing dog scratches from a wooden floor.  The answer reads: "Take a pecan or walnut, break the meat in half, and rub it into the scratch.  Go with the grain of the wood (you'll feel the nut meat getting warm) to fill the scratch.  Buff with a soft cloth."

There is more about using crayons and such, but that's the relevant part for here.  Yes, seriously.  Fill scratches in your hardwood floor with nut meat.


MANY more semi-permanent (and some permanent) DIY hair coloring kits are containing tree nut ingredients these days.

It's downright depressing.   :-[
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Yea, I'm wondering about Aveda and its "all new" reformulation of hair coloring.

Supposedly to be more eco-friendly?

Not sure as to all of the details and the truth there.

Is this where I blame iPhone and cuss like an old fighter pilot's wife?

**(&%@@&%$^%$#^%$#$*&      LOL!!   


Some possible additions here in the Walmart Great Value thread in Manufacturers

one poster mentions GV mayonnaise having "may contain" peanut warning?

Great Value Cheese

Is this where I blame iPhone and cuss like an old fighter pilot's wife?

**(&%@@&%$^%$#^%$#$*&      LOL!!   


My daughter has a peanut allergy and broke out using Banana Boat sunscreen and then heard a local daycare banned it because even though it doesn't list it on the ingredients it contains something related to peanuts. 


Just saw a commercial for a brand of cat litter made using ground walnut shells.  Reptile bedding is also made with walnut shells sometimes.

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