Not so sure about my allergists advice

Started by Maranda, June 18, 2012, 08:53:04 AM

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I was recently diagnosed with food allergies, one of which is an allergy to milk. I had my food consultation with my allergist who went over a diet plan with me. Of course because I'm allergic to milk I can't have milk products, that makes sense. The allergist I saw told me there were a few exceptions to these "no no foods" including real butter, heavy cream, and only Daisy brand sour cream. It seems odd that they are telling me I can have obvious milk products. Maybe it's because I don't have anaphylactic reactions? ??? ??? Has anyone out there ever been told these foods are okay to eat?


My mom has lactose intolerance and she sometimes is able to eat certain milk products like hard cheeses.  I don't know the science of why that is. 

Your list of foods makes no sense to me.

I'd be very leary of what your "allergist" is telling you.  Sounds really strange.  If you have a true milk allergy, you cannot eat anything with milk.  Not even trace amounts, usually.
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I have an IgE reaction to milk so that is a full blown allergy. Maybe I need to seek other advise.


Quote from: Maranda on June 18, 2012, 02:47:58 PM
I have an IgE reaction to milk so that is a full blown allergy. Maybe I need to seek other advise.

Definitely get other advice, because what he/she told you is full-out nuts.

It is possible to have an allergy to one of the components of milk that makes some milk products more tolerated (for example, butter has very little casein). However, if you have an IgE-mediated reaction, even a very little of the protein can set off a very bad reaction, so even people who are allergic to only one type of protein still generally avoid ALL milk products. This isn't usually something people with this type of reaction need to be told by an allergist - they're already avoiding these types of products because they make them sick.

An IgE-type allergy usually results in hives/flushing, wheezing, vomiting, throat closing and possibly a drop in blood pressure. Is this the type of thing that happens to you?

It's also completely possible - actually common - to have a positive result on an IgE allergy test and not have an allergy at all.
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Come commiserate with me:


I have never been the type to actually drink milk, but when I do have milk components I generally experience stuffiness more than anything. Occasionally (but rarely) I become nauseous if I consume a lot of it. My throat doesn't close up but sometimes I get the feeling that my mouth and throat are coated, but no swelling or anything occurs. I don't seem to have problems with the butter or anything right now, but I'm concerned about it anyways.


What kind of doctor diagnosed you? What testing method was used? What symptoms prompted you to seek a doctor? What foods did you feel symptoms from?


The doctor is an allergist and immunologist. They did blood testing, I think it was RAST? My GP sent me to an allergist after years of having repeated sinusitis and ear infections and what seemed like a never ending cold. I also had fatigue which seemed odd since I am only 21. I was diagnosed with a plethora of environmental allergies and then after that they took a vial of blood and tested me. I never really liked milk so for things like cereal or anything I made with milk I was already using soy, but I wasn't concerned about anything baked or anything. I frequently had unexplained diarrhea ( always occurring about 30 minutes after I ate), and occasional nausea but no vomiting. My skin would sometimes itch and I would get small red bumps in local areas, not covering my whole body. They kind of looked like little red bumps the size of a small pimple, but never all over like hives tend to be. I had always figured that stemmed from my multiple environmental allergies and a possible contact with one or more substances. I live in Florida, which is obviously a horrible place to be with allergies. My blood test came back showing I was allergic to milk, peanuts, eggs, and gluten, milk and eggs being the worse of the 4 food allergies. I am getting allergy shots every week for my environmental allergies, and an beginning an elimination diet for the food allergies (today makes one week.) By starting to eliminate some of these I have started to be less stuffy, I am not having the diarrhea after my meals, and I have actually seen an increase in my energy level. I never really payed attention to what specific  foods caused what symptoms, only as a whole.


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Personal observation here.  Milk and milk products do aggravate my husbands allergies and will bring about sinus infections.  He doesn't feel queasy when consuming large amounts unless the mucous production has sky rocketed.  But the sinus issues and coating describe him to a T.  So I wonder if the doctor truly thinks you are milk allergic or is passing along anecdotal evidence on products that historically don't cause the issues you are experiencing.

I have noted when DHs environmental allergies are in full swing, exhaustion is paramount.  Between sedating meds, snoring, pollen overload causing swollen nasal passages which doesn't allow for proper oxygenation, he can kiss being alert and motivated goodbye.

Dhs allergies forced us to move from Florida even though all of our family lived there.  We needed somewhere with a lower mold issue as well as somewhere that had a definitive bloom season as opposed to all year long.  Allergy shots did nothing for him down there but another course here in GA made life more tolerable, not perfect but doable.

I also want to add that RAST and SPT can have a high rate of false positives for those with an overactive immune system.  My son tests positive to everything but is only truly allergic to wheat, rye, barley and eggs.  So keep in mind when doing the elimination diet that if you don't see improvement that you may bit be food allergic.  Another consideration with later onset diarrhea and exhaustion may be a gall bladder issue or Celiac disease.
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I have been tested for celiac and for gall bladder issues but nothing has shown either of those issues. For now I am trying an elimination diet so... we will see.

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