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Started by AdminCM, August 18, 2011, 10:12:18 AM

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Need to start doing this:

Sunday(Today)-Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings

Rest of the week, depending on moods will be

Stuffed bell Peppers
Pot Roast
Chicken Tortilla Soup
leftover night
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Tonight - Grilled Chicken, grilled veggies (onions,peppers, portobellos, asparagus), garlic bread.
Monday - Grilled Salmon, rice, asparagus
Tuesday - Pasta w/turkey sausage, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic.   Salad.
Wednesday - Rosh Hashana dinner - brisket, noodle kugel, garlic green beans, gefilte fish, chicken soup w/matzoh balls, challah, apples & honey.  Chocolate honey cake for dessert.  Fruit salad.
Thursday & Friday - ???  We're going to be on the road.
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Need to get better at planning...this week:

Sunday - dinner at mom's :)
Monday - pesto chicken with rice and broc
Tuesday - quesadillas, beans, salad or carrot sticks (baseball/guitar night)
Wednesday - veggie burger, homemade mac-n-cheese, salad
Thurs - breakfast for dinner - pumpkin pancakes, turkey bacon, eggs, fruit
Friday - homemade pizza
Saturday - chili/cornbread
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oooh, someone mentioned chicken and dumplings........that sounds lovely.....

have to plan this as trying not to waste the food and make it all last etc. etc etc.

so, tomorrow is sunday.

roast beef, (no yorkshire pudding any more as we have gone back to being a eggless house. :'( 
roast potatos and  parsnips,  cabbage, peas , carrots, gravy, and horseraddish sauce.

apple  and pear crumble  and custard.

beef , mushroom pie. with green beans.
(trying to use leftovers up)

pork chops with sage and onion stuffing, mashed potatos, and a green veg of some sort.

chicken oven baked with oilive oil, basil, garlic, peppers etc served with pasta and green salad.

baked potato, oven baked sausages , baked beans in tomato sauce.


minestrone soup with beef meatballs.

now , am not too happy with this menu, not very well balanced , no brown rice , heavy on the potatos so am not planning a huge range of carbs, and no fish, and  sausages which isnt a very healthy meat. so am not too impressed with this weeks food. must try harder next week, and plan chicken and dumplings.......

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Sunday - Grilled chicken cutlets, grilled veggies, baked beans.

Tonight - Stuffed chicken breasts (mozzarella, spinach, sundried tomatoes), potatoes (was supposed to be Polenta, but damned "shared facility"  >:() and sauteed green beans.

Tues - Pasta with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, garlic; salad.

Wednesday - Whatever fish looks good, roasted squash, cauliflower and potatoes.

Thursday - Bean and veg burritos, guacamole.

Friday - Pizza!
"Speak out against the madness" - David Crosby


Tonight - Pot Roast (sirloin tip, onions, carrots, potatoes--take some of the juice to make gravy for me)
Asparagus with garlic
leftover challah

Tuesday thru Thursday - leftover Pot Roast as long as I can, then Beef Barley Vegetable Soup, might throw in Chicken Fried Rice (have leftover rice from meals this past week) or leftover Pasta if there's a rebellion  :rant:
assorted breads as necessary

Does anyone else plan meals like I do?
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yes. i do!

sunday was roast lamb, roast potatos, mint sauce, peas , carrots, greens, gravy.
apple pie and custard.

creamy leek and carrot soup, baked potato, and oven baked sausages. ( some like the soup, some hate it  so this sort of works)

sheperds pie, savoy cabbage , gravy.

roast chicken with garlic, ginger, wine, rock salt, paprika etc. ( if its in the larder i will throw it on sort of meal.) 

oven baked fish, veg rissioto.

beef curry and rice.
Its OK to have dreams:one day my kids will be legal adults & have the skills to pick up a bath towel.


What I meant by plan is that I cook a large meal and think how many ways I can use it for other meals during the week...and how long I can get away with it before the complaints begin!  For example:
Sunday - Pot Roast with all the trimmings
Monday - Leftover Pot Roast with another vegetable, might add salad
Tuesday - Leftover Pasta from Saturday's dinner, salad, garlic bread
Wednesday - Soup made from the roast leftovers, salad, homemade biscuits
Thursday - Leftover Soup, different homemade bread, maybe a dessert to ward off the complaints of having leftovers again
Friday - Shabbat - must make nice dinner again, chicken "something"  :yes:
Saturday - give in to last week's request to make pizza
Sunday - what can I make that will have the potential to have leftovers?   ;D
DS - PA, TNA, chick peas (outgrew sesame seeds)


Aaaack - my long reply was just lost in cyberspace!!!

I have to disguise my leftovers really well, as DH hates them and the boys aren't much better.  If I make something that freezes well like chili, beef stew, lasagna, brisket, etc., it's OK, but otherwise not so much.

Yesterday:  Corn flake crumb chicken that became Special K chicken because I ran out of corn flake crumbs, LOL.  Seasoned sweet potato rounds, salad.  Vegetable soup made from whatever I wanted to finish up and get rid of on Saturday.

Today:  Spinach lasagna, salad.

Tueseday:  Chicken/bean/cheese enchiladas made from  (shhhh) leftover corn flake crumb chicken.  Whatever veggies look good.

Wednesday:  Shrimp something.  Probably stir fry with veggies, rice.

Thursday:  Turkey chili.  Salad or  veggies.

Friday:  Our shabbat tradition - pizza!
"Speak out against the madness" - David Crosby


Come on people....looking for ideas, here!!

Burgers on the grill, (per request ~)), potatoes, baked beans and salad

roast chicken

quesadillas, and refried beans and fruit (guitar and pta night)

chicken pot pie

another leftover chicken thingy

buffalo wings and ??
Never mistake motion for action. ~~
Ernest Hemingway

DS#1 1/23/2000 - PA
DS#2 10/23/2003 - NKA - Type 1 diabetes
me - environmental and sulfa drug allergies...periods of mystery hives over the years....


Not going to be much help Liz, this is going to be one of those "fly by the seat of my pants" weeks.

Tonight - hot dogs on the grill, grilled veggie, baked beans.

Tomorrow - Pot luck at DS school (oh joy  ~)), so I'm bringing vegetarian lasagna and blondies.

Tuesday - Roast chicken, oven roasted autumn veggies, potatoes.

Wednesday - Fish something?

Thursday - Chili?  Salad?

Friday - Pizza!

"Speak out against the madness" - David Crosby


Really struggling with this lately...

Tonite - Burgers on the grill, grilled veggies.  If I have time, cranberry break for dessert.

Tomorrow - Chicken cutlet something, parmagiano if I get home early enough.  Salad, pasta.
ETA:  Gorgeous, warm night, so grilled chick cutlets, maduros and salad.

Tuesday - Spinach tortellini, with sauteed tomatoes and mushrooms.  Salad.

Wedneesday - Shimp something?  Veggies of some sort.  Maybe stir fry.

Thursday - Bean burritos.  Some kind of veg.

Friday - Pizza!
"Speak out against the madness" - David Crosby


Over the weekend, I made a big pot of sauce for pasta, chicken posole soup, and pizza to get me through the week.  My plans:

past Saturday (day I made the sauce) - pasta with sauce (meatballs for some), green beans
yesterday (Sunday) - pizza (made with the sauce  :yes:  )
today (Monday) - either Lemon Chicken (if I'm not too tired when I get home) with roasted potatoes or leftover pasta with sauce   ;D
Tuesday - Chicken Posole soup with biscuits
Wednesday - baked ziti made with the sauce or meatball subs on homemade rolls
Thursday - whatever is leftover, everyone will get something different, I think
Friday - must cook something new for Shabbat...thinking steak, potatoes

The leftover pizza has been designated for DS's lunch (his request) and a couple of slices for my breakfast.  I made 3 pizzas and DS ate a whole one last night!  So much for leftovers...

Must go to the store today/tomorrow--no salad ingredients on hand...will add salads to every meal as soon as there is lettuce in the house.
DS - PA, TNA, chick peas (outgrew sesame seeds)


CookingMom - I just started a new job and my office is right AT Pike Place Market in Seattle.   It's an amazing array of just about any ingredient you can think of.  :)

Saturday - turkey tacos - thanks to Penzy's taco seasoning

Sunday - big pot of sauce with homemade turkey sausage (care of Penzy's spice blend),  - DH and I ate it with whole wheat pasta, zucinni and mushrooms in the sauce - and DS had it with Penne (DS takes the left overs for lunch so I dont mind making him a whole lb for himself) - and Apple Crisp (with Penzy's cinnamon - 4 kinds in the blend)

Monday - leftovers

Tuesday - scrambled eggs with jalepeno, chives and cheddar and more homemade (turkey) sausage - thanks to Penzy's

Wednesday - roast pork tenderlion, roasted yams, - some starch

thursday - I have a 1lb of ground beef - ???  maybe simple burgers?  or more taco's YUM

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